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Англо-Русский словарь финансовых терминов
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D/A documentary usance bill D/P documentary usance bill
DAC daily
daily allowance daily average
daily paid staff daily proceeds
daily receipts daily receiptss
daily record dairy products dry content
damage damage certificate
damaged goods damages paid
dampen dampened cycle
dampened oscillation dampening of prices
data data are not available
data base data collecting
data collection costss data collection framework
data collection vehicle data conversion
data conversion (translation) data handling
data handling procedure data handling system
data in data input
data limitation data out
data problems data processing
data processing machines data processing rate
data processing system data processing system (DP system)
data recording data remote processing
data retrieval data smoothing
data stored in the central computer data translation
date date closing
date of delivery date of payment
date of sealing date of the census
day day book
day labour day labourer
day labourers day of entry
day off day rate
day shift day wages
day-to-~ day-to-~ control
day-to-~ needs day-to-~ work
days of grace de facto balance
dead dead beat
dead line dead loss
dead season dead stock
dead time dead work
deadweight deadweight... ton in ballast
deal deal in cars
dealer dealer discounts
dealer franchise dealers in securities
dealers in securitys dealing
dealings dear money
dearness allowance death
death annuities death annuitys
death benefit death duty
death of equipment death rate
debenture debenture interest
debit debit a sum against the account of ...
debit accounts debit an account
debit and credit debit balance
debit debts debit entry
debit item debit Mr. X with 100$
debt debt consolidation
debt contracted on hard terms debt conversation
debt creation debt crunch
debt financing debt limit
debt liquidation debt management
debt market debt moratorium
debt of defered maturity debt of deferred maturity
debt outstanding as of January 1 debt position
debt ratio debt rearrangements
debt relief debt repayment
debt rescheduling debt retirement
debt service debt service obligations
debt service payments debt service ratio
debt servicing debt servicing costs
debt servicing costss debt servicing problem
debt surviving costs debt-to-equity ratio
debtor debtor creditor relationships
debtor nation debtor position
decade averages decelerate
deceleration decennial census
decimal place declaration
declaration of origin declaration of payment
declared dividend decline
decline in prices decline of export markets
declining declining balances method
declining marginal efficiency of capital theory declining sectors of the economy
decontrol decontrol prices
deductable deductable costs
deductible costss deduction
deduction from internal reproduction deduction of 5 per cent
deduction of expenses deduction of expensess
deed deed of conveyance
deed of reception deed on conveyance
deed to the house defalcation
defalcator default
default on bonds default on interest
default on international obligation defaulted securities
defaulted securitys defaulting customer
defaultion bonds defect
defective defective competition
defective product defective work
defects list defense bill
defer defer income
defered demand defered expenses
defered income defered liabilities
defered payment deferred charges
deferred payments deferred shares
deficiency deficient
deficient capacityies deficient product
deficit deficit areas
deficit financing deficit firm
deficit of the account with the rest of the world deficit spending
deflate deflated by cost of living index deflation
deflation deflationary
deflationary actions deflationary gap
deflationary measures deflationary policy
deflationist deflationist policies
deflationist tendencies deflator
defray defray expenses
defray expensess degree of comparability
degree of concentration of control in individual industries degree of diversification
degree of processing degree of substitution
dehoaring delays in deliverys
delinquent delinquent mortgage
delinquent rent delinquent tax
deliver deliverable
delivered price delivered prices
delivering delivery
delivery call delivery of energy
delivery order delivery period
delivery value demand
demand analysis demand balance
demand bill demand conditions
demand constraint demand constraints
demand curve demand deposit
demand deposits demand equation
demand factor demand fluctuations
demand for inputs demand function
demand management demand price
demand pull demand pull inflation
demand schedule demand shifts
demand slump demand-and-supply curves
demand-pull inflation denomination
denominator density
density of occupation density of population
density of traffic department
department cost department costs
department of Treasury department statisticss
department store departmental
departmental statisticss departmentalism
dependency dependency allowance
dependency ratio dependency status
dependent dependent spouse
dependent spouse allowance depleted stocks
depletion depletion allowance
depletion charges depletion deductions
depletion of capital stock depletion of resources
depletion reserves deployment of personnel
deposit deposit account
deposit balances deposit banks
deposit insurance deposit liabilities
deposit money deposit rate
deposit receipt depositor
depository depository functions of banks
depot depreciable
depreciable value (cost) depreciate
depreciated reproduction costs depreciated value
depreciation depreciation account
depreciation accounting depreciation allowance
depreciation at choice depreciation base
depreciation charges depreciation expenses
depreciation fund depreciation guidelines
depreciation of currency depreciation rates
depreciation reserve depress
depressed areas depressed conditions
depressed sectors depression
depression of the market depression of trade
derived demand derived target price
desaggregation desaggregation of data
desaggregation of gross commodity flows into types of commoditie desaggregation of gross money flows
desaggregation of the national account for production descent
design design automation
design fees design firm
design load design of experiments
design patent design schedule
design values designer
designing firm designs of sampling investigations
desk-by-desk survey desk-type computer
destination destination of outputs
destitute destitute population
detailed detailed breakdown
detailed data detailed estimates
deterioration deterioration of terms of trade
deterioration of the world economy determinant
determinants of population growth determinants of supply and demand
detriment detrimental
devalue devalvation
develop develop and maintain land
develop market developed land
developed market economics developed market economies
developed market economys developed socialism
developing market economics developing market economies
developing market economys development
development areas development Assistance Committee
development efforts development financing
development in compilation and related work in national accounts development lending
development of income measures development of information
development of markets development of national management personnel
development of new land development trends
deviation device
diagram differential
differential calculus differential duties
differential pay differential piecework
differential rates differential time plan
differentiated commodity(ies) differentiation
digit digital
digital computer digital controlled computer
digital process dilution
dilution of labour dimension
dimensionless dimensionless value
diminish diminishing
diminishing balance depreciation diminishing productivity
diminishing return to scale diminishing returns
diminishing utility direct
direct comparison direct consignment
direct correlation direct costs
direct crops variable expenses direct expensess not provided for under the budget appropriation
direct import direct information
direct investment direct labour
direct labour cost direct labour costs
direct material direct method
direct observation direct operating costss
direct refund of expenditure direct sampling
direct selling direct taxes
direct ties direct work
direct worker direct-to-scale
direction directional flows of population
director disability
disability benefit disability insurance
disability pension disabled
disablement disablement allowance
disadvantage disagio
disappearance disarrangement
disarrangement in economic relationships disburse
disbursement discard
discharge discharge allowance
discharge from office discharge of a contract
discharge of debt discharge on the ground of redundancy
disclosure disclosure of company accounts
disclosure of employment disclosure of invention
disclosure requirements disclosure rules
discontinue discontinuities
discontinuities of demand discount
discount house discount market
discount prices discount rate
discount store discounted bill
discounted costs discounted costss
discounted marginal product of labour discounting
discounting of future goods discrepancy
discrepant data discretionary licensing
discriminate discriminateing duty
discriminateing tariff discrimination
discriminatory discriminatory discharge
discriminatory liberalization of trade discriminatory prices
discriminatory restriction discriminatory restrictions
discriminatory taxation diseconomy
diseconomys of scale disequilibrium
disincentives disinflation
disinflation policy disintegrate
disintegration disintegration of economy
disinvest disinvestment
disk storage dislocation
dismiss dismiss case
dismissal dismissal from office
dismissal pay dismissal wage
disparity dispatch
dispatch advice dispatcher
dispatcher's desk dispatching
dispatching connection system dispatching office
dispersion displace
displacement displacement of equilibrium
displacement of men by machines displacement tonnage
display disposable
disposable income disposal
disposal of assets disposal of assets(s)s
dispossess disproportion
dispute dispute a claim
dispute committee disquised unemployment
disruption disruption of schedule
disruption supply dissaving
dissolution dissolution of a company
dissolve dissolve a company
distressed distressed areas
distressed goods distressed selling
distributing enterprise distribution
distribution center distribution charges
distribution cost structure distribution costss
distribution function distribution margins
distribution of property ownership distribution of wealth
distribution ratio distribution statistics
distribution statisticss distribution theory
distributive distributive characteristics
distributive charges distributive industries
distributive mechanism distributive services
distributive system distributive trades
distributor disutility
diversification diversification in type of wants
diversification of exports diversification of imports
diversification of industry diversification of industry production
diversification of the economy diversify
diversify crops diversify investment portfolio
diversify production diversify the economy
diversity divestment
dividend dividend and interest reserve
dividend in account dividend warrant
dividend yield division
division of labour division of work
dockage facility document
documentary documentary credit
documentary report on prior art dole
dollar balances dollar dumping
dollar equivalent dollar gap
dollar position dollar to gold convertibility
dollar-based investment domestic
domestic accounts domestic cash expenditure at factor cost
domestic commerce domestic concept
domestic consumption patterns domestic employment
domestic financed capital formation domestic investment
domestic market domestic means of payment
domestic product domestic product account
domestic spending domestic system
domestic trade domestically mined
domestics domicile
dominant undertaking donate
donate funds donation
donor-country content dot chart
double double count
double counting double cropped lands
double digit double digit inflation
double digits double entry book-keeping
double entry system double entry table
double figures double sampling
double shift double stage sample
double standard double table
double taxation double taxation agreement
double-digit inflation double-entry book-keeping
double-entry social accounting doubtful debt
down- down-drift
down-grading down-pay 30%
down-payment down-period
down-time down-trend
down-turn down-ward demand curve
down-ward plan revision down-ward supply curve
down-ward trend downturn of a cycle
downward adjustment downward bias
downward plan dowry
draft draft animal
draft budget draft design
draft guidelines draft on funds
drafting department draftsman
drag drain
drain on reserves draw
draw a bill draw money from the bank
draw on a account draw on an account
draw on somebody draw on the fund in the amount of
draw on the reserves draw the balance
draw up a contract drawback
drawback provisions drawing
drawing from special IMF facilities on concessional terms drawing office
drawing potential drawing rights
drawing room drum storage
dry cargo tonnage dry goods
dry measures dry-cardo ship
dry-cargo ship dual-rate contract
due due date
dues dues harbour
duly audited balance sheet dummy
dummy account dummy holder
dummy industries dummy local company
dummy variable dumping
dumping charges duplicating machine
durability durable
durable capital durable goods
durables duration of fluctuations
duration of the budget cycle duty
duty list duty paid price
duty-free duty-free processing zone
dwelling dwelling unit
dwellings dynamic input-output model
dynamic programming  
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