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Англо-Русский словарь финансовых терминов
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F. O. B. fabric
fabricate fabricated
fabricated materials fabricated parts
fabricateing works fabrication
face face amount
face value facial
facial account facilitate
facilitateing marketing agencies facilitation
facilities and standards of service facility
facilitys and standards of service facilitys available for generation of power
factor factor analysis
factor combinations factor costs
factor costss factor demand
factor earnings factor endow
factor endowment factor incomes
factor inputs factor into
factor markets factor matrix
factor of merit factor of proportionality
factor payments factor pricing
factor remunerations factor restrictions
factor returns factor services
factor substitutions factor-price equilibrium
factor-~ analysis factors markets
factors of production factory
factory burden factory committee
factory costss factory goods
factory inspectors factory layout
factory ledger factory management
factory outlet factory overhead
factory sales branch factory shipments
factory starts factory waste
factory-made goods fail
failing failure
failure to deliver failure to pay
failure to work a patent fair
fair competition fair employment practice
fair employment practices commissions fair price
fair prices fair quantities
fair return fair supply
fair trade practice fair-labour-practice acts
false declarations family
family accounts statistics family allowance
family allowances family budget
family budget schedule family budget studies
family budgets family business
family enterprise family entrepreneur
family farm family industry
family planning family settlement
family workers famine
famine price famine relief
fare farm
farm budget analysis farm business
farm business summary farm capital
farm capital goods farm enterprise
farm firm farm foreclosures
farm hand farm hands
farm implement stores farm implements
farm improvements farm income
farm input suppliers farm inputs
farm labour farm land use
farm layout farm machinery
farm manager farm mechanization
farm operators farm organization
farm parity ratio farm performance
farm population farm practice
farm prices farm prices support
farm produce assembler farm produce buyer
farm product processors farm production inputs
farm production technology farm receipts, costs and profits
farm rent farm resources
farm sector farm services
farm statistics farm structures
farm surpluses farm surpluss
farm tenure status farm workers
farm's gate-price farmer
farmers cooperative (co-op) farmers' produce
farming farming plant
farmland fault
faulty faulty goods
favorable development environment favour
favourable favourable accounts
favourable balance favourable balance of trade
favourable credit facilitys favourable most treatment
favourable passive accounts favourable trade outlook
favoured treatment feasibility
feasibility study feasible
federal Federal bank deposits insurance
federal budget federal combines
federal employees Federal excise
federal expenditure Federal reserve Bank
fee feed
feed back factor feed conversion ratio
feed grain feed grains
feed supplements feed supplies
feed supplys feed-back
feed-back channel feed-back costss
feed-back effect feeder
feeder roads feeding stuffs
feedlot feedstock
fertilizer feedstock fidelity clause
fiduciary standard field
field accounts unit field and headquarters staffing
field establishment field layout
field local staff field of application
field office field operations
field research field salesman
field service of personnel field services UN
field trip field work
field-hand field-level activities
figure figure of merit
figuring file
file a declaration of bankrupcy file a patent application
file accounts file an application for investment
filing filing date of patent application
filing fee fill posts
final balancing of all payments and receipts final buyers
final consumer final consumption
final demand final demand sector
final demand sectors final fee
final market final output
final pay final port
final product flows final salvage value
final stages of distribution final use
final user final utility theory of value
finance finance commitment
finance commitments finance company
finance house financial
financial and operative ration financial assets and liabilities
financial assets(s)s financial assets(s)s and liabilities
financial authorization financial capital
financial contribution financial credit instruments
financial disclosure financial embarrassment
financial enterprise financial establishment
financial growth of industries financial houses
financial incentive financial incentive plan
financial institution financial investment
financial management financial planning
financial position financial pressure
financial rating financial regulations
financial report financial reporting
financial resources for development financial sources of funds
financial standing financial statement
financial strains financial strainss
financial stringency financial target for the assistance programme
financial target for the budgetary requirements financial targets
financial year financially autonomous enterprise
financing financing arrangements
financing of appropriations financing of commodity buffer stocks
financing of industry through the purchase of industrial securit financing of inventorys
financing of investment financing of the budget
financing of the deficits of the balance of payment find markets
fine fine-grained desaggregation
finish finished
finished costs finished fat cattle
finished goods finished goods inventory
finished manufactures finished material
finished output finished product
finished product stock finished products
finished stock finishing
fire firm
firm liabilities firm market
firm name firm of consulting engineers
firm prices firm specific technology
firm-specific technology first
first checking first chop
first cost first costss
first hand first option
first quality first rate
first-hand information first-in-first-out accounting (FIFO)
first-in-~-out system fiscal
fiscal charges fiscal cooperation
fiscal drag fitter
fitters work fitting
fitting shop five-year plan
fix fix exchange rates
fix prices fixed
fixed and variable costss fixed assets
fixed assets balance fixed assets(s)s
fixed base index fixed capital
fixed capital (land, buildings and equipment) fixed capital accumulation
fixed charges fixed coefficients
fixed costs fixed costss for land and structures
fixed equipment fixed exchange rates
fixed expense fixed fee
fixed fee (patents) fixed goods
fixed income securities (bonds) fixed input costss
fixed input-output coefficient fixed liabilities
fixed outlays fixed overhead
fixed overhead charges fixed overhead costs
fixed parities fixed paritys
fixed prices fixed rate of interest
fixed raw materials fixed royalties
fixed royaltys fixed sample
fixed sample size fixed term personnel
fixed to total assets(s)s ratio fixed trading pattern
fixed unit costs fixed-income securitys
fixed-point arithmetic fixed-term appointment
fixed-term contract fixed-term personnel
fixings fixture
flat flat charge
flat fee flat money
flat path flat price
flat rate flat sum tax
flaw fleet
flexible flexible administration of ceiling
flexible budget flexible gang
flexible tariff flight
flight 'from money' flight capital
flight from money flight of capital
flight of the dollar float
float a company float a loan
floatation floatation of bonds
floating floating assets
floating assets(s)s floating capital
floating currency floating debt
floating exchange rates floating funds in circulation
floating funds in operation floating policy
floating population floating rates
floating-point arithmetic floor
floor for minimum contribution set at ... floor principle
floor space floundering national economys
flow flow categories
flow chart flow data
flow diagram flow line
flow line production flow matrix
flow of commodities flow of consumption product
flow of demand flow of funds
flow of funds accounts flow of funds table
flow of material goods flow of producers goods
flow of production flow of real resources
flow of traffic flow process chart
flow studies flow-of-funds table
flows and stocks concept flows and stocks in the economy
flows and stocks of an economy flows between the production accounts of different industries
flows from insurance and grants flows of goods
flows of money income flows of services
flows of technological knowledge flows out of the region
fluctuate fluctuation
fluctuation in exchange fluctuation of demand
fluctuation of markets fluctuations in exports and imports
fluctuations in unemployment fluid
fluid fund fluidity
fluidity in securities fluidity of capital and labour
flush follow-up investment
food food assistance
food basket food consumption
food crisis food expenditure
food grain food grains
food processing industry food production
food products food programme
food shortage food situation
food stamps system food staples
food supply foodstuffs
foot foozle
for account of Mr. X for more detailed information see ...
for the purpose of adjustments for want of...
force force account work
force down prices force majeure
force of men force the market
force to pay force up prices
force up the exchange forced
forced labour forced sale
forces of production forecast
forecast date forecast horizon
forecast of national population forecast period
forecast planning forecast population numbers
forecast year forecaster
forecasting forecasting error
forecasting methods forecasting of business activity
forecasting of future development foreclose
foreclosure foregoing estimate
foreign foreign balance
foreign bill foreign bill of exchange
foreign capital inducement foreign commerce
foreign controlled company foreign deficit
foreign equity foreign exchange
foreign exchange constraint foreign exchange cost
foreign exchange costs foreign exchange earnings
foreign exchange holdings foreign exchange permits
foreign exchange rate foreign exchange resources
foreign going vessel foreign investment incentive schemes
foreign investment regulation foreign investment screening
foreign investment screening board foreign investments supervision
foreign labour flow foreign majority interest
foreign mined foreign ownership ceiling
foreign participation foreign private investors
foreign remittances foreign reserves
foreign trade foreign trade conversion factor
foreign trade deficit foreign-owned refugee capital
forfeit forfeiture
forfeiture of a patent form
form a company formal contracts
formal letter of awards formation
forms of business organization forward
forward bill of exchange forward contract for ~ delivery
forward contracts forward delivery
forward momentum forward rate
forwarder forwarding
forwarding agent forwarding business
forwarding charges forwarding fee
forwarding fees found
foundation founder
four digit industry fractional currency
fragmentary information framework
framework of society framework of studies
franchise franchise contract
franchise dealer franchise tax
franchising fraud
fraudulent fraudulent bankrupt
free free access
free alongside ship price free at border price
free coin age free depreciation
free enterprise free enterprise economy
free entry free exchange market
free export processing zone free export-processing zone
free goods free import
free imports free industrial zones
free into bunker free labour
free list free market
free of average free of charge
free of debt free on board
free on board price free on rail price
free on truck price free or partly controlled enterprise system
free port free private enterprise
free processing area free surplus of turnover
free trade free trade area
free trade areas free trade zone
free-enterprise countries free-frontier price
freedom of contract freelist binding
freely convertible exchange freeze
freeze wages freezing
freezing of means freezing of wage
freight freight collect (collect freight)
freight density freight forwarder
freight market freight rate
freight services freight settlement
freight traffic freighter
frictional unemployment fringe
fringe benefit fringe benefits
fringe urban population groups front
frozen frozen account
frozen assets frozen credits
fuel and energy budget full
full capacity operation full coverage
full employment full employment budget
full employment of labour full employment output
full employment policy full life of buildings
full load full power
full renovation full repair
full size full time
full unit capacity full-employment equilibrium
full-service wholesaler full-time job
full-time man equivalent full-time workers
fully developed exchange economy fully paid
fully-owned farm function
functional functional distribution
functional improvements functional layout
functional management functional services
functional specialization functional type of organization
functionary fund
fund in the pipeline fund of consumer good for sale
fund of consumer goods for sale fund s in custody of ...
fund-in-trust fund-raising campaign
funded debt funding principle
funds in custody of ... funds in hand
funds provided from funds under or outside the program
furlough future
future delivery future deliverys
future exchange future goods
future orders futures
futures commodity futures contract
futures market futures trading
futures turnover futurity
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