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Англо-Русский словарь финансовых терминов
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M-1 (money-one) M-2 (money-two)
M-3 (money-three) machine
machine accounting machine hour
machine layout machine load
machine power machine shop
machine tabulation station machine time
machine work machine-tool
machine-tool plant machinery
machinery and equipment machinery of the UN system for administrative and budgetary cont
machinery parts macro
macro analysis macro economic
macro economic statistics macro economics
macro statistics macroeconomic analysis
macroeconomic measures macroeconomics of monopolys
made-to-order magnetic drum computer
magnetic tape computer magnitude
magnitude of transactions magnitudes of the variables
mail mail order
mail order house mailing list
main aggregate main areas of activity
maintain maintain capital
maintain demand maintain prices
maintain the accounts maintaining of the establishment
maintenance maintenance cost
maintenance crew maintenance fee
maintenance instruction maintenance of the real value of the currency reserves
maintenance operation and rental of premises maintenance services
maintenance work maintenance-free
major alteration major contributors
major deficit countries major depression
major items of physical infrastructure major land use suitability
major overhaul major social accounts
majority majority interest
majority ownership majority share holding
majority shareholding make
make a living make abatement
make advance make an entry
make drawing upon make good
make good reading make provision in the budget estimates for ...
make provision of the budgetestimates make to order
make up the deficiency make-up of the budget
make-up pay make-up work
maker makeshift
making mal-
mal-adjustment mal-administration
mal-distribution mal-practice
man man efficiency
man in charge man-assignment
man-density man-hour
man-hour output man-hours of work
man-machine time man-made
manage manageability
manageable level managed currency
managed exchange rate managed money
managed paper currency management
management and record keeping management audit
management counsellor management decisions
management engineer management engineering
management expenses management fee
management mechanism management of demand
management overheads of stocks management services
management structure management system
manager manager of sale
manager of sales manager-operated farm
managerial managerial and manufacturing capacity
managerial capacity managerial control
managerial efficiency managerial functions
managerial revolution managerial services
managerial skills managerial staff
managerial workers managerialskill
managers discretional fund managing
managing ability managing director
managing engineer mandatory sanctions
manifold classification manipulation of data
manning table manpower
manpower balance manpower control
manpower program manpower requirements
manpower resources manpower skills
manpower utilization survey manual
manual acting manual employees
manual labour manual work
manual worker posts manual workers
manually manually operated
manufacture manufacture for stock
manufacture manager manufactured consumer goods
manufactured goods (products) manufactured items
manufacturer manufacturers' agent
manufactures' sales branch manufactures' store
manufacturing manufacturing corporations
manufacturing cost determination manufacturing cycle
manufacturing employment manufacturing expenses
manufacturing industry manufacturing licensee
manufacturing order manufacturing plant
manufacturing process margin
margin of dumping margin of errors
margin of protection marginal
marginal analysis marginal balance
marginal business marginal capital/output ratio
marginal coefficients marginal concept
marginal cost of output marginal cost per unit
marginal cost producer marginal cost(s)
marginal curves marginal data
marginal desirability marginal disutility
marginal efficiency marginal efficiency of capital
marginal expenditures marginal factor product
marginal input marginal input cost
marginal input unit marginal labour
marginal land marginal measures
marginal multiplier marginal opportunity costs
marginal physical product marginal population
marginal preference marginal pricing
marginal product marginal productivity
marginal propensity to ... marginal propensity to consume
marginal propensity to invest marginal rate
marginal rate of substitution marginal rate on return over cost
marginal ratio of capital to output marginal return
marginal revenue marginal reward
marginal sacrifice marginal utility
marginal utility theory marginal-product of labour
marginalism margins of fluctuations
marine engineering marine insurance contracts
marital status maritime line
mark mark down
mark-down mark-up
mark-up (~-on) market
market aberration market accessibility
market analysis market areas
market availability market average
market basket market behavior
market behaviour market capacity
market cattle market condition
market demand market demand equation
market development market disruption
market economies market economy
market expectations market grain
market imperfection market magnitudes
market module market requirements
market research market sensitive
market share market structure of the service trades
market supply market survey
market theory market turnover
market value market value of all goods and services produced
market value of output market-sharing arrangements
marketability marketable
marketable food output marketable goods
marketable grains marketable securities
marketable securitys marketing
marketing agency marketing agreements
marketing associations marketing charges
marketing conditions marketing cooperative
marketing cooperative (co-op)s marketing costss
marketing difficulties marketing expensess
marketing experts marketing functions
marketing opportunities marketing outlets
marketing period marketing policy
marketing practices marketing research
marketing scientific marriage settlement
mass mass production markets
mass-produce mass-produced
mass-produced standardized commodity(ies)s mass-production
master master budget
master card master mechanic
master plan master sample
master table master the technique
master-plan matching contribution
matching principle material
material & non-material spheres material advancement
material and non-material spheres material and supplies
material balance material classification
material consumption (expense) material consumption rate
material cost material flow
material goods material handling
material incentive material inequality
material intake material interests
material man material on hand
material procurement material product system
material Products (balances) system (MPS) material recession
material requisition material saving
material sphere material status
material use standard material wealth
material welfare materials distributor
materials supplys and work in process materials, supplies and work in process
materials, supplies and work in processоборотные фонды (материал maternity benefit
maternity leave mathematical economist
mathematical programming mathematical simulation
matrix matrix algebra
matrix coefficient matrix management
matrix notation mature
mature economy mature economys
matured matured debt
maturing maturing bonds
maturing debentures maturity
maximization maximize
maximize earnings maximum
maximum amount maximum amount constraint
maximum conservation and storage periods maximum life method of depreciation
mean mean deviation
mean price mean rate
mean time mean value
means means conveyance
means of conveyance means of production
means of subsistence means of transfer of technology
means test measure
measure export fob measure import cif
measure import cif (c.i.f. - cost, insurance, freight) measure of economic welfare
measure of income measure of value
measured gross domestic product measured product
measurement measurement data
measurement of output measurement ton
measures having embargo effects measures of concentration
measures of efficiency measures of social welfare
measures to control for inflation measuring
measuring technique measuring tools
meat meat packing
meat scrap meat-animal production
meat-packing mechanical
mechanical action mechanical arrangement
mechanical control mechanical effect
mechanical efficiency mechanical engineer
mechanical engineering mechanical engineering plant
mechanical shop mechanical treatment
mechanical work mechanics of economy
mechanism mechanism of international trade and finance
mechanization of accounting mechant bank
media media analysis
media director media of exchange
media research median
median value mediate
mediation mediator
medicare benefit medium
medium income medium lived
medium of of exchange medium price
medium quality medium sized
medium-size lot production medium-term
medium-term projection meet
meet a bill meet a demand
meet competition meet costss
meet current commitments meet expenses
meet liabilities meet qualifying standard
meet qualifying standards meet ready market
meet with an accident meeting
Member States are assessed on the basis of the net budget memorandum
memorandum of association memory
memory unit mental
mental arithmetic mental arithmetics
mental work mercantile
mercantile bank mercantile law
mercantile marine mercantile paper
merchandise merchandise deficit
merchandise exchange merchandise inventory
merchandise manager merchandise mark
merchandise marks merchandise trade
merchandise turnover merchandising
merchant merchant bank
merchant fleet merchant man
merchant marine merchant ship
merger mergers and take overs
merit merit increase
merit rating metal
metal industry metal trades
metal worker metal working
metal working machines metallic and other mining
method of co-ordination by means of balances methods of accounting
methods of estimateing national income microeconomic
microeconomic analysis microeconomic level
microeconomics middle
middle class middle management
middle sized middle-of-the-roaders
middle-stage processing for re-export middleman
middleman distributor middleman's distribute margin
middleman's distributive margin middling
migrant migrant workers
migrant workers remittances migrant workers' remittances
migrate migration
migration element of population growth migration flows
migration movements migration of capital
migration statistics mill
mill construction mill hand
mill superintendent mine
mine administration mine superintendent
mineral mineral deposit
mineral mining enterprise mineral oil
mineral output mineral prices
mineral rights minimum housing standards
minimum of subsistence minimum pay
minimum physiological needs minimum royaltys
minimum stock minimum unit capacityies
minimum wage legislation minimum working age
mining mining employment
mining output mining shares
mining works minor
minor contingency expensess minor cycles
minor damage minor repairs
minority minority equity investment
minority foreign ownership minority interest
minority ownership minority share holding
minors mint
mint parity mis-
mis- allocation of resources mis- application
mis- arrangement mis- calculation
mis- delivery mis- management
mis- reading mis- representation (of facts)
mis- use mis--judge
miscellaneous miscellaneous goods
miscellaneous income miscellaneous manufacturing
misclassification misuse of the land
mix mixed
mixed economy mixed enterprise
mixed farming mixed farms
mixed general crop farms mixed manned
mixed sampling mixed-maned
mobile mobile medical centre
mobile repairs mobility
mobility means modal area
modalities modalities of lending
mode mode of acquisition
mode of origin mode of payment
mode of production model
model agreement model area
model builder model building
model law model law of invention
model law on inventions model law on patents
model licensing agreement model of business cycle
model pattern model pattern of conferences
model project model provisions for national industrial property laws
model-building modernization
modernization of production modernize
modes of carriage modular-unit buildings
momentary price monetarism
monetarist monetary
monetary aggregates monetary and fiscal policies
monetary area monetary authorities
monetary authority monetary circulation
monetary conditions were eased monetary conditions were stiffened
monetary estimates monetary expansion
monetary factors monetary floor
Monetary Fund IMF monetary gold
monetary incentives monetary indicators
monetary institutions monetary instruments
monetary measures monetary multiplier
monetary policy monetary reserves
monetary situation monetary stock
monetary supply monetary system
monetary transfer payments monetary unit
money money and credit in circulation
money capital money down
money economy money flows
money in cash money in circulation
money in circulation (currency in circulation) money in the pipeline
money income and expenditure of the population money institutes
money institutions money interest
money lend to abroad money lender
money lent abroad money management organizations
money market money means
money measures money no object
money of account money on object
money order money outlay
money payments money provision
money rate money receipts
money receiptss money reward
money saving money savings
money spot money squeeze
money supply money transfer
money turnover money velocity
money wage moneyed interests
monitoring body monopolistic
monopolistic combination monopolistic competition theory
monopoly monopoly clause
monopoly degree of monopoly interests
monopoly practice monopoly price
monopoly price fixing monopoly price-fixing
monopoly supplier monthly rate
moonlighter moonlighting
morale moratorium
morbidity morbidity rate
more discriminate aid policies more discriminate policies
more intensive farming techniques more intensive methods
mortality mortality rate
mortality table mortality tables
mortgage mortgage account
mortgage bank mortgage bond
mortgage costs mortgage credit
mortgage foreclosure mortgage loan
mortgage retirement mortgage transactions
mortgaged farm mortgaged property
mortmain most favoured nation
most favoured nation treatment most-favoured enterprise provision
most-favoured licence most-favoured license clause
most-favoured-nation licence mother firm
motivation motive
motive power of social process motives for holding money
mounting needs movable
movable goods move
moveing average movement
movement certificate movement in price
movement of outside salary mover
moving average moving equilibrium
moving index base MPS
multi multi use
multi variate multi-activity enterprise
multi-location enterprise multi-stage sample
multi-unit enterprise multiindustry firm
multilateral agreement multilateral aid
multilateral assistance multilateral comparison
multilateral guarantee facility multilateral payments system
multilateral trade multimodal transportation
multinational corporations multiplant corporations
multiplant firms multiple correlation
multiple cropping multiple exchange rate
multiple rate multiple regression
multiple sampling multiple uses
multiplicand multiplicity of rates
multiplier multiplier effect
multiply multiply correlation
multiply currency practices multiply factory business
multiply machine operation multiply management
multiply plant concern multiply rate of exchange
multiply regression multiply sample
multiply shops multiply uses
multiply uses of structures multiproduct firm
multipurpose multishift work
multistage sample multiuse
municipal municipal enterprise
municipal government municipal services
municipal transportation mutual
mutual benefit mutual benefit society
mutual funds mutual insurance
mutual lending mutual saving banks
mutual society mutually beneficial
mutually beneficial international economic cooperation mutually consistent data
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