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Англо-Русский словарь финансовых терминов
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abandon abandon a claim
abandon convertibility abandon gold standard
abandon goods to the insurer abandon price control
abandonment abandonment of option
abate abatement
ability ability produce
ability to pay ability to produce
ability to repay ability to work
able able-bodied
abnormal aboard
abolish abolish a duty
abolish a tariff abolish a tax
abolishment abolition
abolition committee absence
absence from work absence of personal responsibility
absence of plan absence rate
absence without leave absentee
absentee landlord absentee owner
absentee owner's farm absenteeism
absenteeism rate absolute deviation
absolute value absolve
absorb absorb the output of the schools
absorbing capacity absorption
absorption capacity absorption capacity of a developing country
abstain abstain from entering into contracts
abstinence abstinence theory
abstract abstract of account
abstract of statistics abundance
abundant abundantly
abuse abuse of benefits
abuse of credit abuse of economic power
abuse of rights accelerate
accelerated depreciation accelerateed depreciation
accelerateing premium accelerateing wage rate
accelerating premium accelerating wage rate
acceleration acceleration coefficient
acceleration factor acceleration of growth
acceleration principle accept
accept an offer accept goods
acceptable acceptable quality level
acceptable quality range acceptance
acceptance bank (house) acceptance bill
acceptance credit acceptance of work
acceptance test acceptance trials
access access to markets
access to markets for commodities access to technology
accession accession rate
accessorial accessorial services
accessory accessory work
accident accident experience
accident free accident frequency rate
accident insurance accident preventatives
accident prevention accident rate
accident risk accident severity rate
accident statistics accidental
accidental damage to fixed capital accidental loss
accommodate accommodate someone with money (loan)
accommodation accommodation unit
account account book
account department account document
account equipment account executive
account holder account in one's custody
account of charges account production
account showing the status of account valuation
accountability accountable
accountancy accountant
accountant officer accounting
accounting (services) fee accounting clerk
accounting conventions accounting currency
accounting device accounting entry
accounting framework accounting information
accounting machine accounting mechanism
accounting methods accounting period
accounting practice accounting price
accounting principles accounting procedure
accounting records accounting system
accounting unit accounts in use
accounts of the UN for the year ... accounts outstanding
accounts payable accounts payable liabilities
accounts receivable accounts should be approved by the Controller
accounts with a long time to run accrual
accrual basis (of accounting) accrual basis of accounting
accrual from trade transactions accrue
accrue a right accrued interest
accrued items accrued liabilities
accrued taxes accrueing income
accumulate accumulated data
accumulated debt accumulated depreciation
accumulated divided accumulated error
accumulated interest accumulated stocks
accumulation accumulative
accumulative saving achieve
achieve complementarity in regional pattern of industrial develo achievement
acquire acquirement
acquisition acquisition and replacement estimates
acquisition costs acquisition of market power
acquisition of technology acquisitiveness
acquit acquitance roll
acquittance acquittance roll
acreage allotment across the board
across the board reduction of duties across the board wage increase
action action for damage
action for non-delivery action of rescission
action research active
active and idle balances active balance
active balance of trade (of payment) active competition
active demand active proprietors
active storage actively seeking work
activity activity analysis
activity in the world market activity rates
activity(ies) classification actual
actual capital actual conditions of life
actual cost(s) actual costs
actual data actual economic situation
actual hours actual level of assessment
actual market actual outlays an imputed costs
actual performance actual price
actual state of the market of ... actual value
actuals market actuarial
actuarial consultant actuarial equivalent
actuarial margin actuarial mathematics
actuarial probabilities actuarial probabilitys
actuarial reserves actuarial services
actuarial statistics actuarial tables
actuarial valuation actuary
ad valorem duty ad valorem tariff
adapt adaptation
adaptation of technology adapted crops
adapted technology add
added units of good adding
adding machine adding to the stock of goods
addition addition to capital
addition to fixed assets and stocks addition to price
additional additional (extra) earnings
additional allocation of SDRs additional annual index adjustment
additional base salary costss additional charges
additions to structure adequate
adequate allowance adequate data
adequate provisions adequation
adherence adherence to specification
adjournment adjust
adjust an account adjust international payments
adjust output to capacity adjustable
adjusted data adjusted for changes in prices
adjusted for season variations adjusted for seasonal variations
adjusted index adjusted net revenue
adjusted total adjuster
adjusting adjusting (smoothing) of curves
adjusting shop adjustment
adjustment assistance adjustment assistance measures
adjustment coefficient adjustment entrys
adjustment for changes in the quality of the labour force adjustment for education
adjustment measures adjustment of benefits
adjustment of claims adjustment policy
adjustment process adjustment rules
adjustment table adjustment tables
adjustment technique adjustment to market change
adjustment to quality difference adjustment(s) in data
adjustments of benefits in respect of cost-of-living changes adjustments to figures
administer administered prices
administrate administration
administration expenses administration of budget
administration of import restrictions administration of management improvement services
administration of quotes administrative
administrative action administrative arrangements
administrative costss administrative division
administrative employees administrative expenditures (expenses)
administrative personnel administrative process
administrative revenues administrative staff
administrative work administrator
admissible error admission
admission fee admit
admit a claim adoption capacity
advance advance account
advance bill advance delivery
advance from the fund advance in price
advance insurance premiums advance money
advance money to enterprise advance payment
advanced advanced capital
advanced economy advanced goods (manufactures)
advanced industrial countries advanced industrial economy
advanced industries advanced method
advanced nations advanced studys
advanced technology advanced technology manufactures
advancement advances to individuals
advances to the Working Capital Fund advantage
adverse adverse (negative) balance
adverse balance adverse balance of trade
adverse in price adverse movement
adverse party advertise
advertise for something advertised goods
advertisement advertising
advertising agency advertising as an industry
advertising costs advertising costss
advertising expenses advertising man
advertising manager advice
advise adviser
advisory advisory board
advisory committee affiliate
affiliated (branch) company affiliation
after allowing for inflation after deductions for collected revenues
after sales service after-
after-effect after-payment
after-sales service after-sight
after-tax profit after-tax remuneration
after-tax remuneration (salary, wage) age
age (life) method of depreciation age composition
age of equipment age pyramid
age structure of capital aged population
agency agency budgets
agency overhead costss agent
agent of independent status aggregate
aggregate amount aggregate analysis
aggregate approach aggregate capacity
aggregate capacityies aggregate capital stock
aggregate consumption expenditure aggregate costss
aggregate data aggregate demand
aggregate domestic investment aggregate index
aggregate investment aggregate market demand
aggregate membership aggregate of firms
aggregate output aggregate product
aggregate production function aggregate quantity
aggregate supply aggregate table
aggregate total aggregate valuations
aggregate workers aggregation
aggregative aggregative data
aggregative index member aggressive selling
agio agree
agree on price agreed and liquidated damages
agreed price agreement
agreement of lease agreement on debt cancellation, moratorium, rescheduling or inte
agreement on industrial property agricultural
agricultural capital agricultural cooperative
agricultural cooperative (co-op) agricultural economist
agricultural employment agricultural engineer
agricultural engineering agricultural experiment stations
agricultural extension service agricultural extension workers
agricultural implements agricultural infrastructure
agricultural inputs agricultural investment
agricultural non-food products agricultural output
agricultural population agricultural prices
agricultural processing agricultural procurement prices
agricultural produce agricultural productivity
agricultural unemployment agriculture
agriculture and fisheries agriculture and related industries
agro business agro-
agro-based industries agro-business
agro-industrial agroindustrial complex
aid aid absorption capacity
aid-tying aids and appliances
air air conveyance
air fare air freight
air line(s) air Navigation Convention
air transport agreement airway bill
align aligned sample
alignment alignment of the duties (tariffs)
alignment of the dutys all
all charges borne all copyright(s) reserved by ...
all economic activity all factory trades
all hands all risk insurance
all risks insurance all round mechanization of production
all service activitys all-factory expenses (expenditures)
all-function combine all-time high (low)
allocate allocate expenses pro rata
allocate markets allocate resources
allocated expenses items allocation
allocation for cultural services allocation of labour
allocation of resources allocation of risks and the cost of insurance
allocation of risks between the cargo owner and the carrier allocation of tillable land among crops
allocation to reserve allocator
allot allot a task
allotment allow
allow a discount allowable
allowable defects allowance
allowance for contingencies allowance for damage
allowance for depreciation allowance for draft
allowance for low per capita income alter
alter an invoice alter an order
alter the firm alteration
alteration of premises alternate
alternation of premises alternative
alternative crops alternative design
alternative exchange rate regime alternative goods and services
alternative income streams alternative inputs
alternative scenario alternative sets of data
alternative technologies amalgamate
amalgamated union amalgamation
amalgamation of business ameliorate
amelioration amends
amenities American interests
amortization amortization period
amortize amount
amount appropriated by resolution amount balance
amount due amount of business
amount of invoice amount of post adjustment
amount outstanding amount to
amount used analogue computer
analysis analysis of economic activities of an enterprise
analytic(al) analytic(al)(al) accounting
analytical accounting animated demand
anniversary anniversary year
announcement of pledges annual
annual average compound rate annual balance
annual calf crop annual consumption
annual costs of wages annual depreciation amount
annual depreciation cost annual disappearance
annual disappearance of grain annual duty per machine
annual earnings summary annual maintenance fee
annual maintenance fee charged by patent office annual meeting
annual minimum wage annual outlays for repairs and maintenance
annual receipts annual retirement allowance
annual return annual salary
annual saving annual statement
annual turnover annuitant
annuity annuity bond
anti- anti-competitive practice
anti-cyclical measures anti-growth policies
anti-recessionary policy anti-trust
anti-trust law anti-trust law (legislation)
anticipate anticipate payment
anticipate trends anticipated adjustments
anticipated profit anticipation
anticipatory anticipatory damages
anticompetitive practice antidumping code
antirecessionary policy apartment house
apparent apparent domestic (national) consumption
apparent stocks appellation of origin
applicant applicant for a patent
application application blank (form)
application for a patent application for investment
application for investments applied
applied art applied economics
applied research applied science
applied statisticss applied studys
appointment apportion
apportioned costs (expenses) apportionment
apportionment method (of income estimation) appraisal
appraisal of data appraise
appraised value appraisement
appraiser appreciable
appreciate appreciation
appreciation in value of investment appreciation of capital
appreciation of currency rate appreciation of exchange rate
apprehensive buying apprentice
apprentice training apprenticeship
appropriate appropriate a piece of property
appropriate goods to the contract appropriate housing
appropriate money for ... appropriation
appropriation account appropriation of payment
appropriation resolution for ... appropriations requested by the General Assembly
approval approval of an account
approve approximate
approximate value approximated aggregation
approximation approximation straight line
arbitrage arbitration
arbitration act arbitration agreement
arbitration of exchange arbitration of quality
arbitrator area
area pattern of trade area sample
area sampling arithmetic
arithmetic average arithmetic mean
arithmetical chart arrange
arrange a matter arrange difference
arrangement arrangement of product flows
arrangements for the reciprocal availability of government credi array
arrear(s) arrear(s)s of housing
arrear(s)s of interest arrear(s)s of rent
arrear(s)s of work arrearage
arrivals art
article article of luxury
articles of apprenticeship articles of association
articles of consumption articles of food
articles of imports articles of incorporation
articles of manufactory articles of prime necessity
artificial artificial advertisement-led demand
artificial capital artificial person
artificial sample artificial transactions
ascertain ascertain the extent of the damage
ascertainment ascertainment of quality
assemblage assemble
assembler assembling
assembling department assembling fitter
assembly assembly belt (line)
assembly line technique assembly shop
assess assess damage
assessable payments assessed contributions
assessed taxes assessed valuation
assessment assessment base
assessment of compensation for nationalization assessment of statutory prices
assessments for regular budget assessments for the regular budget
assessments of contributions assessments to budget
assets and principal liabilities assets(s)
assets(s) formation assets(s) holdings
assets(s) ledger assets(s) structure of a plant
assets(s)-capacity ratio assets(s)s and liabilities
assets(s)s in the non-material sphere assets(s)s-liabilities standing
assign assign a limit
assign a sum assignation
assignment assignment allowance
assignment clause assignment of a contract
assignment of copyright assignment of lands
assignments to budget assignments to state budget
assimilation, adaptation and reproduction of foreign technology assimilation, adaptation reproduction of foreign technology
assistance assistance in grant from
assistant assistant auditor
associate associated
associated company association
association of consulting management engineers association of the State with foreign enterprises
assort assorted
assorted cargo assortment
assume assume charge of business
assume liability assume risk
assume tax liability assumed bond
assumed name assumption
assumption of obligation (risk) assurance
assure at a discount
at book value at buying rate
at face value at factor cost
at factor costs at historic(al) costss
at joint expense at London interbank offered rates
at par at prevailing price
at prevailing rates of exchange at specific times
at-arms-length provision atomistic competition
attach attach goods
attach seal attachment
attachment of insurance attainder
attend attendance
attendance to custom formalities attendant
attendant's place attorney
attrition auction
auction by tender auction sale
audit audit arrangements
audit of books auditing committee
auditor auditor-General
austerity austerity budget
austerity campaign (drive) austerity car
austerity economy austerity housing
austerity program autarchy
authenticate author
author certificate author's certificate
authorities authority
authorization authorization of capital
authorize authorized capital
authorized capital stock authorized expenditures
authorized manning table auto-correlation
automatic automatic adjustment
automatic adjustment of the economy automatic adjustments of outlays
automatic balance automatic control
automatic economic stabilizers automatic feeding
automatic invoicing automatic lapse of a patent
automatic licensing automatic line
automatic plant automatic selling
automatic stability automatic stabilizer
automatic time sharing automatic wage control
automatically adjusting automatically maintained stability
automation autonomous investment
autonomous variable auxiliary
auxiliary department auxiliary enterprise
auxiliary goods auxiliary material
auxiliary materials auxiliary production
auxiliary raw materials auxiliary services
auxiliary shop auxiliary work
auxiliary worker auxiliary works
avail availability for work
available available assets
available capacity available capital
available data available supplies
average average adjustment
average capacity average clause
average compound average data
average deviation average down
average due data average earnings
average error average farm wage rates
average hourly earnings average in question
average out average output
average payment average rate of profit
average sample average size of firm
average size of plant average standard of consumption
average unit cost average up
average value average weekly hours worked
avoid avoid a contract
avoidance avoirdupois
avoirdupois pound award
award a contract award of a contract
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