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Англо-Русский словарь финансовых терминов
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back back a loan
back country back flow
back freight back interest
back pay back shift
backer background
backhaul backing
backlog backlog in housing
backlog of debts backlog of demand
backlog of licences backlog of orders
backlog of work backward
backward bad debt backward debt reserve
backward debts insurance backward management
backwardness bad
bad bargain bad debt
bad debt reserve bad debts insurance
bad management bail
bailee bailment
bailor bailout
balance balance (total,summary) column
balance accounts balance available in surplus account
balance cost balance cost (value)
balance in hand balance method
balance of (the) account balance of account
balance of appropriations balance of appropriations shall be surrendered
balance of claims balance of claims and liabilities
balance of debt balance of direct investment flow
balance of fixed assets balance of goods and services
balance of industrial enterprise balance of international indebtedness
balance of long term capital flow balance of manpower
balance of merchandise trade balance of money income and expenditure of the population
balance of payment account balance of payments
balance of payments position balance of payments statement
balance of services balance of short-term transactions
balance of shot-term transactions balance of the account
balance of the estimate balance of trade
balance of transfers and grants balance of U.S. official reserve assets
balance of visible trade balance of working time
balance on current account balance on deposit
balance on net liquidity balance on transfers and grants
balance out balance sheet
balance sheet data balance sheet entries
balance sheet items balance sheet of money relations
balance sheet of national wealth balance the books
balance value balance value (cost)
balance-sheet entrys balance-sheet items
balanced budget balanced distribution
balanced expansion of the world economy balanced growth
balanced industrial development balanced industrial structure
balanced plan balanced sample
balances of all unpaid assessed contributions balances with foreign banks
balancing balancing entry
balancing item (entry) balancing items
balancing the production capacity bale
ban band chart
bank bank accommodations
bank account bank adjuster
bank auditing bank automation
bank balance bank branchs
bank clearings bank community
bank credit line bank deposit velocity
bank discount Bank for International settlements
bank guarantees bank issue
bank of circulation bank of issue
bank rate bank return
bank service charge bank statement
bank stock bank-holidays
bank-notes banked
banker's acceptance banker's bank
bankers' commercial credits banking business
banking community banking costs
banking facilitys banking interests
banking support bankrupcy
bankrupcy proceedings banks clearing house
bans on trade bar chart
bar diagram bar graph
bare necessities bargain
bargain money bargain sale
bargained fee bargaining
bargaining strength barter
barter payment arrangements barter transaction
base base charge
base data base industry
base magnitude base metals
base of the post adjustment system base period
base price base rate
base scales base scenario
base time base year
base year coefficients base-period prices
basic basic account in balance of payments
basic activitys basic aggregate
basic assets basic commodities
basic data basic document
basic fee basic funds depreciation
basic materials basic point
basic rate basic research
basic salary basic services factor
basic services sector basic standard
basic studys basic table
basic target price basic value
basis basis concept of supply and demand
basis of assessment basis point
basket basket of goods
batch batch production
be drained of funds be fully booked
be heavily booked be in the black ink
be in the red be initially estimated
be liable for damages be off-duty
be on full pay be under articles
be worth bear
bear charges bear expenses
bear interests bear market
bearer bearer check
bearer securities bearer securitys
bearer share bearing no interest
bearish operation bearish outlook
bed-rock price beginning and end of year balance
beginning and ending values beginning budget
behaviour behaviour of prices
below capacity belt system
belt system production benchmark
benchmark coefficients benchmark data
benchmark year data beneficial
beneficiary benefit
benefit society benefits derived from voluntary deposits
benefits foregone benevolence
best estimate best output
best-profit output best-profit scale of output
bias bias upward
biased biased estimate
bid bid price
bid quotation bid up
bidder bidding
biennial budget cycle big
big Board bilateral agreement on labour recruitment
bilateral assistance bilateral quotas
bill bill drawn against grain
bill holding bill holdings
bill market bill of acceptance
bill of costs bill of exchange
bill of fare bill of goods
bill of imprest bill of lading
bill of materials bill of parcels
bill of sale bill of sufferance
bill payable bill receivable
bills in hand binary system
bind bind duties
binding birth and death rate of businesss
birth rank black
black leg black market
black-coated workers blank
blank bill blank credit
blanket blanket price
blanket regulation blind entrys
block block allocation
block of shares block policy
blocked account blotter
blue blue collar employees
blue-chip shares blue-collar productivity
blue-collar workers blue-ribbon
blueprint board
board meeting board of Customs and Excise
board of Exchequer board of health
board of Trade board of Treasury
boarding boarding card
boarding house boarding school
body body corporate
bogus bogus cheque
bogus company bonanza
bond bond borrowing
bond debt bond financing
bond interest charges bond issue
bond market bond of indemnity
bond rate bond yield
bonded bonded (in bond) processing industrial projects
bonded debt bonded goods
bonded storage bonded warehouse
bondholder bonds outstanding
bonus bonus fund
bonus job bonus plan
bonus scheme bonus stock
bonus system book
book account book balance
book keeper book keeping
book prices book space
book space (room, ticket) book value
book value of equipment book value of land
book-keeping booking confirmation
booking(s) booking(s) confirmation
booking(s) office (box) books must be authenticated
books must be authenticated by ... boom
boost bootleg
bootleg wages borrow
borrow short (short borrowing) borrowed capital
borrower borrowing
borrowing ceiling borrowing costs
borrowing country borrowing demand
borrowing in the form of interest paying Government bonds borrowing on promissory note
borrowing power borrowings abroad
borrowings within the region bottleneck
bottleneck in capacity bottom
bottom price bounty
brain brain bank
brain drain brain work
brain workers brain-drain (exodus)
branch branch bank
branch business branch business of a main concern
branch companies branch companys
branch establishment branch of activity
branch of business branch of economic activity
branch of industry branch office
branch plant branchs of production
brand brand name
brass breach
breach of contract bread-earner
break break clause
break in the cycle break the contract
break with a firm break-even
break-even costs break-even point
break-even-chart break-even-point
break-in period breakage
breakdown breakdown by countries (by sex and age)
breakdown gang breakdown of capital by type of asset
breakdown of machine breakdown of service
breakdown of the Bretton Woods monetary arrangements breakdown repair
breaking bulk breeding stock
brisk demand broker
brokerage broking
Brussels Trade nomenclature BTN
bubble budget
budget and tax procedure budget balance
budget balancer budget estimates
budget format budget index
budget inspection budget of time study
budget of working time budget performance
budget preparations budget presentation
budget statistics budget surplus
budget tables budget underrun
budget year budgetary
budgetary aid budgetary aid allocations
budgetary estimate budgetary financing
budgetary period budgetary provisions
budgetary requirements budgetary shortfall
budgetary transfers budgeted cash variable expensess
budgeted fixed costss budgeted or actual annual summary of earnings
budgeting buffer pool
buffer stock financing facility (IMF) buffer stocks of primary commodities
builder building
building and assembly works building and construction
building contractor building costs
building cycles building engineer
building expenses building foreman
building inspection building licensing
building materials building of inventories
building office building permits
building plot building section
building starts building trade
building up buildup building
built-in obsolescence built-in stabilizers
bulk bulk buying
bulk cargo bulk carrier
bulk freight bulk handing devices
bulk of consumer goods bulk product
bulk purchase bulk sale
bulk-buying bulk-line costss
bulker bulky goods
bull market bullion
bullion point bullish operation
burden burden center
burden charges burden of debt (indebtedness)
burden of external debt burried
business business ability
business accounting business accounts
business activity business administrator
business alliance business analysis
business and personal services business anticipations
business assets(s)s business barometers
business behavior business births and deaths
business calculations business community
business conditions business contractions
business control system business criterion
business cycle business cycle peak
business cycle peaks and troughs business decision-making
business decisions business demand
business depression business economists
business enterprise business establishment
business expansion business expectations
business expenses business failures
business fluctuations business forecasting
business groups business gyrations
business hours business interruption
business investment business investments
business leaders business leadership in a firm
business machines business man
business mortality business of the day
business organization business paper
business period business population
business practice business prospects
business quarter business quarters
business recession business recovery
business relations business sales
business saving business savings
business sector business solvency
business stabilization business stamp
business statistics business statisticss
business stocks business structure by industries
business supply and demand business taxes
business transaction business transfers
business unit business world
business year business-management
business-manager buy
buy in quantity buy-back price
buy-back price of oil buy-back prices of oil
buyer buyer's market
buyer's prices buyer's rate
buyers exclusive buyers rate
buyers' prices buying
buying expense buying habits of population
buying pattern by instalment
by semi- logarithmic regression trends by the slump
by-laws by-products
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