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Англо-Русский словарь финансовых терминов
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U. N. Joint Staff pension Fund ultimate
ultimate capacity ultimate consumer
ultimate costs ultimate destination of imports
ultimate output ultimate reserve
ultimate use ultimo
umbrella contract umbrella project
UN personnel assessment plan UN salary system
un- un-allocable expenditures
un-allocated inputs un-applied funds
un-appropriated un-appropriated balance
un-appropriated funds un-authorized
un-availability of exportable surplus un-balance
un-businesslike un-cared-for charges
un-certainty of the exchange rates un-claimed goods
un-covered money un-distributed industries
un-distributed profits un-earned income
un-economic farming units un-efficient
un-encumbered un-expended balance
un-favourable un-favourable balance
un-filled un-filled orders
un-finished un-finished goods
un-fit un-fit for consumption
un-funded debt un-incorporated firms
un-limited liability un-limited liability partnership
un-load un-manufactured
un-marketable goods un-obligated
un-obligated balances un-obviousness of an invention
un-organized labour un-packaged technology
un-packaged transfer of technology un-packaging
un-paid balance un-paid interest
un-pegged prices un-pegged rates
un-pledged property un-priced
un-productive capital un-profitable
un-rated un-realizable
un-recovered cost un-remunerative job
un-requited un-requited transfers
un-skilled un-skilled labour
un-skilled production workers un-skilled workers
un-tenantable un-tied loans
un-warranted un-watched
unadjusted data unallocated inputs
unbalanced economy unbiased estimate
uncertain market uncollectable bills
uncommitted balances of appropriations uncovered money
undated securitys under maned
under reporting under staffing
under- under- bond
under- capacity under- capitalized business
under- consumption under- counter
under- employed under- employment
under- employment equilibrium under- estimate
under- estimation of danger under- estimation of losses
under- invoicing under- liquidity
under- loading under- maintenance
under- manned under- pay
under- pinning of prices under- pinnings of economic activity
under- pricing under- privileged
under- produce under- production
under- rate under- repair
under- sell under- stock
under- utilization of production capacity under- valuation
under- value under- valued currency
under-invoicing under-pricing
underemployment equilibrium underlaying data
underprivileged countries underrepresented countries
underrun understated balance
undertake undertaking
undervalued currency underwrite
underwrite a stock issue underwriter
underwriters underwriting
underwriting rate underwritting share
undeveloped land unearned profits
uneconomic small enterprise unemployed
unemployed capital unemployed labour
unemployment unemployment benefit
unemployment exchange unemployment insurance
unemployment insurance schemes unemployment insurance statisticss
unemployment rate unemployment relief
unemployment reserve fund unexpended balance
unexpended balances unfair
unfair business practice unfair competition
unfair employment practice unfair labour practices
unfair trade practice unfair trade practices
unfilled orders unincorporated enterprises
union union agreements on wages, hours and working conditions
union closed shop union contract
union rates union shop
unit unit capacity
unit cost unit labour cost
unit labour requirements unit of a factor
unit of account unit of accounting
unit of capital unit of enumeration
unit of measure unit of observation
unit of plant unit of power
unit of production unit of traffic
unit power unit price
unit value index of export unit value index of exports
unit value index of import unit value index of imports
unit value of exports unit value of imports
unit volume unit weight
unitary elasticity united assistance
universal universal money
Universal Product code(s) university education for business
university endow unkeep costs
unlimited liability partnership unloading order
unmarketed output unobligated balance
unpaid balance unpaid family farm labour
unpaid family labour unpaid liability fund
unpeg exchange rate unpeg the exchange rate
unpegged exchange rate unskilled labour
untied loan unused capacityies
unweighted average up average
up- up-appreciation of exchange rates
up-date up-grading
up-keep up-surge
up-swing up-to-date
up-trend up-valuation of exchange rates
up-ward movement up-ward pressure on prices
ups and downs in growth upward adjustment
urban urban concentration
urban development urban fringe
urban fringes urban growth
urban population urban rehabilitation
urban renewal programs urgent aid
use use factor
use value used
useful useful effect
useful life useful output
useful serviceable activity user
using-up of capital usual wear and tear
usurious usurious rate
usury utilities
utilities industry utilities stock
utility utility certificate
utility refuse utility waste
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