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Англо-Русский словарь финансовых терминов
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c. i. f. (Cost Insurance Freight) C.O.D.
cadastre calculate
calculate interest calculated
calculating calculating machine
calculating machines calculating price
calculation calculation interval
calculation of costs calculation of exchange
calculation problem calculator
calculus call
call deposit call in outstanding loans
call loan call loan (money)
call-forward callable
cancel cancel debts
cancelation canvass
canvass survey capability
capacity capacity became operational
capacity factor capacity of markets
capacity production capacity utilization rate
capacity value capacityies became operational
capacityies rate capacityies requirements
capacityies use (utilization) capacityies utilization rate
capita capital
capital account capital account balance
capital account reconciliation capital accumulation
capital aid capital aid for economic development
capital allowances capital amount
capital assets capital assets(s)s
capital attrition capital coefficient
capital consumption capital consumption allowances
capital contribution capital cost per unit of output
capital costs capital costss
capital equipment capital expenditure budget
capital expenditures capital flow
capital formation capital formation sector
capital fund capital fund outlays
capital gain capital gain tax
capital gains capital goods
capital goods investment capital grants
capital holdings capital input-output coefficient
capital inputs capital intensive
capital intensive industries (sectors) capital invested
capital invested per dollar of output capital investment
capital investments capital items
capital management policy capital market
capital movements capital outlay
capital outlays capital per man-hour
capital per worker capital planning
capital productivity capital reinvestment
capital renewals capital repair
capital repairs capital replacement
capital requirements capital requirements of production
capital resources capital retirement
capital saveing technological progress capital shortage
capital spending capital spending intentions
capital stock capital structure
capital supply capital transactions
capital transfers capital turnover
capital utilization capital value
capital-employment ratio capital-output
capital-output ratio capital-saving devices
capital-saving innovations capital-saving technological progress
capital/employment (labour) ratio capital/employment ratio
capitalization capitalization of overhead charges
capitalization of technology capitalization period
capitalize capitalized cost
capitalized earning power capitalized rights
capitalized total cost capitalized value
capitation capitation grant
capitation tax carcass
carcass weight carcass weight basis
carcass weight equivalent carcass weight equivalent (basis)
card card box
card index card-punching
card-reading cardinal reconstruction
cargo cargo bulk
cargo carrier cargo insurance
cargo rates cargo ship
cargo turnover carnet
carriage carriage free
carrier carry
carry forward carry forward of losses
carry over carry-over
carry-over stock carry-over stocks
carrying business (trade) carrying capacity
carrying charge carrying costss
carrying out time cartel
case case study
case studys case work
case worker cash
cash a check cash account
cash advances cash allowance
cash and carry selling cash and realizable goods
cash balance cash basis (of accounting)
cash basis of accounting cash bonuss
cash book cash budget
cash crop production cash crops
cash delivery cash department
cash dividend cash down
cash fixed costss cash flow
cash grain farm cash holding
cash holdings in banks cash in advance
cash in bank cash in vault
cash issue cash journal
cash list cash management
cash money cash on delivery (C. O. D.)
cash on hand cash on payment
cash outlays cash position
cash purchasing power cash ratio (liquidity ratio)
cash receipts cash receiptss
cash register cash relocation grant
cash remittance cash report
cash reserves cash sale
cash settlement cash-crop farmers
cash-voucher casual
casual revenue casual worker
casual worker (labour) casualty
casualty insurance catalogue
catalogue wholesaler categories of activitys
categories of employment catering and related services
cattle finishing ceiling
ceiling constraint ceiling of full employment
ceiling of the highest contribution ceiling on commitments
ceiling price ceiling principle
ceiling under surveillance census
census authorities census capital
census classification census data
census data (figures) census distribution
census industry census information
census of manufactures census of mining
census ratio census region
census scheduling census statistics
census takers census unit
census years centered moving averages
centile centile curve
central central bank
central objective central-office company
centrally planned economies centrally planned economy
certificate certificate of fitness
certificate of incorporation certificate of origin
certificate of proof certificate of receipt
certificates of deposit (C. O. D.) certificates of indebtedness
certification certified
certified accountant certified statement
chain chain banking
chain correlation chain index
chain process chain stores
chamber chamber of commerce
chamber of commerce and industry change
change over changes in assets(s)s holdings
changes in gross fixed investment changes in measures
changing channels of distribution
charge charge account
chargeable charges against revenue
charitable charity
chart charter
charter space chartered accountant
chartered flight charterer
chattel chattel mortgage
cheap cheap currency
cheap money check
check (cheque) processing check able demand deposits
check analysis check book
check currency check deposits
check inflation check list
check of figures check off agreement
check sample check study
check-off checkable demand deposit
checking (examining) department checking account deposit
checking account deposits checking calculation
checking deposit checking of quality
checks cashed cheque processing
Chicago board of Trade chief auditor
chief executives children's allowances
chronic trade deficits cif (c.i.f. - cost, insurance, freight)
cifl (c.i.f.l. - cost, insurance, freight landed) circular chart
circular flow of goods and services circulate
circulate assets circulate capital
circulate funds circulate list
circulate means circulate medium
circulating capital circulation
circulation expenses circulation of commodities
city planning civil and commercial proceedings
civil service civilian
civilian and commercial processing civilian consumption
civilian demand civilian engineering
civilian goods civilian labour force
civilian population civilian public consumption
claim claim (in a patent application)
claim damages claims on government
claims on private sector claims to property
clandestine manufacture class
classification classification of commodities by industrial origin
classify clause
claused claused bill of lading
clean clean bill of exchange
clean credit clean piece rate
clean up clear
clear profit clearance
clearance sale clearing
clearing account clearing agreement
clearing balance clearing bank
clearing deficit clearing house
clearing payments clearing with non-convertible balance
clerical clerical employee
clerical staff clerical work
clerk client
clientele close
close a deal close a transaction
close account close check
close comparability close corporation
close currency markets close ended preferences
close exchange market close foreign exchange (currency) markets
close foreign exchange market close out
close rate at the of day close-out sale
closed economic system closed economy
closed end fund closed shop
closely held companys closely held firms
closely held firms (companies) closing
closing assets(s)s closing balance sheet
closing date closing inventory
closing price closing prices
closing rate closing time
closing up CMEA (Council of Mutual Economic Assistance)
CMEA (Council of Mutual Economic Assistance) countries co-ownership
co-production coarse grains
COBOL (common business oriented language) code(s)
code(s) of conduct for liner conference code(s) of conduct for the transfer of technology
code(s) of good practice code(s) of trade liberalization
codes of practice coefficient
coefficient of conversion coefficient of correction
coefficient of deviation coefficient of efficiency
coefficient of equipment utilization coefficient of equivalence
coefficient of labour inputs coefficient of occupation
coefficient of performance coefficient of redistribution
coefficient of reliability coefficient of specialization
coefficient of utilization cohesive economy
cohort coin
cold storage cold storage facilitys
collapse collateral
collateral data collect
collect arrear(s)s collect damages
collect damages for losses from damaged goods or delays in deliv collect freight
collect on delivery collection
collection of contributions collection of debts
collection of taxes collection on delivery
collection order collection period
collective collective agreement
collective bargaining collective bargaining agreement
collective bonus (premium) collective contract
collective direct and indirect consumption collective economic security
collective farm collective farmers
collective self- reliance colonial produce
column column diagram
combination combination between competitors
combination movement combination of operations
combination rate combine
combined coefficient combined costss
combined expenditures combined firms
combined grade combined net material product
combined transportation combined trough rate
commerce commercial
commercial activitys commercial agent
commercial agriculture commercial and financial flows
commercial backlog commercial bill
commercial counsellor commercial credit
commercial crops commercial disputes
commercial education commercial energy
commercial exhibit commercial facilities
commercial farm commercial farmers
commercial farming commercial farms
commercial invoice commercial law
commercial lending practice commercial output
commercial output (production) commercial paper
commercial policy commercial politics
commercial practices governing transfer of technology commercial production
commercial relations commercial remittances
commercial rental rates commercial reserves
commercial staff commercial traveller
commercial treaty commercial undertaking
commercial value commercialism
commercialization commercialization of agriculture
commercialize commission
commission agent commission charges
commission fee commission merchant
commission note commissioning of
commit commit a loan
commited expenditure commitment
commitment provision balancing commitments recorded
committed expenditures commodities in bond
commodities out of make commodity agreements
commodity and money flow system commodity assistance
commodity boom commodity classification
commodity composition of trade commodity exchange
commodity flows commodity heading
commodity market commodity mix
commodity paper commodity prices
commodity stabilization agreement commodity stabilization agreements
commodity(ies) commodity(ies) agreement
commodity(ies) capital commodity(ies) classes
commodity(ies) classification commodity(ies) coding
commodity(ies) composition of trade commodity(ies) conference
commodity(ies) exchange commodity(ies) exports
commodity(ies) flows commodity(ies) funds
commodity(ies) heading commodity(ies) in short supply
commodity(ies) in their processed or semiprocessed forms commodity(ies) market
commodity(ies) output commodity(ies) price index
commodity(ies) producing sector commodity(ies) production
commodity(ies) rates commodity(ies) shunting
commodity(ies) stabilization agreements commodity(ies) taxes
commodity(ies) trade commodity(ies) trade statistics
commodity(ies) turnover commodity(ies) with multiple use
common common agricultural policy
common concept common currency
common denominator common fund for commodity stocks financing
common interest common labour
common market common pricing
common profit and loss pool common staff costs
common staff costss common stock
common stock holder communal
communal public services communication
communist construction community
community facilitys community of interests
company company by-law
company law company limited by shares
company must be domiciled in company of workmen
company pension liability to employees company statutes
company store company union
comparability comparability of the data (over time)
comparable comparable classification
comparable data comparative
comparative accounting comparative analysis
comparative balance sheet comparative cost analysis
comparative cost price comparative cost study
comparative costs technique comparative economics
comparative estimates of national income comparative forecasting
comparative labour costss comparative production
comparison comparison basis (base)
comparison of productive structures compensable
compensable accident compensate
compensate for injurys compensate sharing
compensate... for export shortfall fall compensated
compensation compensation for expropriation
compensation for termination of a contract compensation of employees
compensation paid compensatory
compensatory arrangement compensatory drawing
compensatory duty compensatory financing
compensatory financing (deficite financing) compensatory financing facility (IMF)
compensatory financing on fluctuations of export earnings compensatory financing schemes
compensatory fiscal policy compensatory levys
compensatory spending competence
competency competent
competent direction competent utilization
competing competing businesss
competing independent farmers competing product
competition competition with capitalism
competitive competitive ability
competitive capitalism competitive conditions
competitive demand competitive depreciation (of currency)
competitive depreciation of currency competitive economy
competitive edge competitive equilibrium
competitive equilibrium point competitive goods
competitive import(s) competitive imports
competitive market competitive position
competitive power competitive price system
competitive prices competitive pricing of productive factors
competitive profit-and-loss system competitive relationship
competitive sellers competitive supplier
competitive supply competitive system of markets and prices
competitive theory competitiveness
complementarity complementarity of inputs
complementary complementary agreements
complementary commodities complementary demand
complementary goods complementary import
complementary imports complementary production
complementary products complete
complete and accurate information complete overhaul
complete plants complete set of accounts
complete system of equations completion
completion of past investment starts completion time
complex complex norm
complex valuations complex value
complex variable complicated condition
component component analysis
component of variance component part of aggregate
component parts component products
components of aggregates composite
composite balance sheet composite daily price
composite demand composite index
composite supply composition
compound compound arbitration
compound cost compound duty
compound fabrication compound interest
compound interest depreciation method compound rate
compound rate of annual growth comprehensive data
comprehensive programme compulsory insurance
compulsory license compulsory retirement age
compulsory working of a patent computation
computation procedure computation table
computational requirements compute
compute a table of values computed average
computer computer capacity
computer design and technology computer engineer
computer language computer memory (store)
computer processing computer professions
computer program library computer programme library
computer rental computer science
computer storage computer storage capacity
computer store computer training
computer user charges computing
computing equipment computing origin
computing problems computing technique
computing unit computing work
concentration concentration of production
concentration ratio concern
concerted float concerted practice
concession concessional
concessional assistance concessional element of aid
concessional financing concessional sales
concessionary financing condition
condition of production conditional
conditional distribution conditional expectation
conditional mean conditional probability
conditional sale conditions of life
conference conference lines
conference rate confidence limit
confirm confirm a treaty
confirm the price confirmation
conflicting data conforming product
conglomerate merger congressional authorization
consign consignee
consignment consignment note
consignor consistent data
consistent estimate consistent statisticss
consolidate consolidated
consolidated accounts consolidated balance sheet
consolidated delivery system consolidated financial statements
consolidated financing consolidated man table
consolidated manning table consolidation
consolidation of accounts consortium
conspicuous consumption conspicuous waste
constant constant and common indivisible overhead costs
constant capital constant coefficient
constant cost constant costs element
constant load constant output
constant overhead constant prices
constant return to scale constituency
constituent constituent firm of a combine
constraint construction
construction and assembly works construction costss
construction engineering construction engineers
construction equipment construction expenses
construction gang construction in process
construction industry construction materials
construction of a set of accounts construction of a table
construction sector construction statistics
construction(al) engineering consult
consult somebody's interest consulting
consulting company consulting company (firm)
consulting fees consulting services
consumables consume
consumer consumer amenities
consumer amenitiess consumer and producer durable goods
consumer anticipations consumer basket
consumer choice consumer cooperative
consumer cooperative (co-op)s consumer credit
consumer demand consumer durable goods output
consumer durables consumer durables spending
consumer expectations consumer finances
consumer goods (commodities) lines consumer goods industry
consumer income consumer indifference curve
consumer lines consumer price index
consumer price statistics consumer prices
consumer purchasing power consumer sector
consumer services consumer spending
consumer stocks consumer tastes
consumer's commodity(ies)s consumer's goods
consumer's market consumer's purchases
consumer's union consumers expenditure
consumers preference consumers variability
consumers' sector consumption
consumption expenditures consumption function
consumption function studies consumption fund
consumption goods consumption habits
consumption of fixed assets consumption of fixed assets(s)s
consumption per head consumption sale
consumption sales consumption standards
consumption tax consumption-income relation
container container standards
containerization containerize
containerize transportation (shipment) content
content by protein contingency
contingency plan contingency reserve
contingency stock continuity of data
continuous continuous (stop-watch) reading
continuous action machine continuous control
continuous development continuous full employment
continuous production process continuous sample
continuous series continuous service
continuous survey contract
contract award contract bonus system
contract construction contract in force
contract interest contract labour
contract of association contract of employment
contract of indemnity contract of purchase
contract of sale contract operations
contract price contract research
contract services contract shops
contract system contract terms
contract work contracting
contracting of services contracting or subcontracting firm
contracting party contraction
contractual contractual arrangements
contractual fiscal regime contractual joint venture
contractual matters contractual price
contractual rate of interest contractual transfer of technology
contractual value contribute
contribute towards the payment of the ordinary expenses contribution
contributions to medical insurance and other medical care contributor
contributory contributory negligence
contributory pension contrived scarcity
control control authorities
control data control desk
control device control management in industry
control measurement control of industrial relations
control room control system
controlled economy controlling account
controlling block of stock controlling company
controlling interest controlling stock interest
controversy convenience
convenience goods conventional
conventional accounting methods conventional duty
conventional dwellings conventional necessaries
conventional necessities conventional oil
conventional signs conventional tariff system
conventions conversion
conversion coefficient conversion cost
conversion factors conversion of houses
conversion rates conversion table
convert convertibility
convertibility of balances convertible
convertible currency conveyance
conveyance fees cooperate
cooperating factors cooperating products
cooperation cooperation in production
cooperation in science and technology cooperative (co-op)
cooperative (co-op) bank cooperative (co-op) education
cooperative (co-op) industry cooperative (co-op) plant (enterprise)
cooperative (co-op) property cooperative (co-op) society
cooperative division of labour coordination
coordination of economic plans coordination of economic policy
copper deposits copyright
copyright law core
core industries corporate
corporate business corporate control over market
corporate depreciation plan corporate headquarters
corporate knowledge corporate profit
corporate saving corporate sector
corporate securitys corporate stock
corporate tax corporation
corporation by-laws corporation charter
corporation income tax corporation tax
correction factor correlation
correspondence correspondent
correspondent banks correspondent education
corresponding bank cost accountant
cost accounts cost adjustment payments
cost analysis cost and production schedules
cost composition of output cost data
cost of borrowing cost of capital
cost of entry cost of money
cost price cost sharing projects
cost-benefit analysis cost-of-living adjustments
cost-of-living allowance cost-of-living escalation
cost-plus-fixed-fee contract cost-price squeeze
cost-push inflation costing
costing items costs
costs accounting costs accounting technique
costs accounts costs allocation
costs analysis costs and production schedules
costs are charged to projects costs calculation
costs category costs center
costs composition of output costs control
costs curve costs cutting
costs data costs distribution
costs effectiveness costs elements
costs equation costs estimation
costs fluctuation costs forecasts
costs formulas costs function
costs incorporating new technique costs inflation
costs item costs minimization
costs of capital costs of distribution
costs of economy class accommodation costs of imports
costs of inputs costs of insurance and reinsurance
costs of labour costs of living
costs of living adjustments costs of living allowance
costs of living escalation clause costs of living statistics
costs of living wage raise costs of loan capital
costs of maintenance costs of material inputs
costs of money costs of operation
costs of production costs of repair
costs of sales costs of transport
costs per hour costs per unit
costs plus-fixed-fee contract costs price
costs price relationships costs record
costs reduction costs relationship
costs saving costs saving and profit sharing plans
costs sharing costs sharing projects
costs sheet costs structure
costs to be incurred in respect to ... costs unit
costs unit price costs value
costs-benefit analysis costs-price squeeze
costs-push inflation costs-push phenomena
costss are charged to projects costss constant over time
costss estimates costss incurred in producing goods and services
costss of international transport costss of obsolescence and depreciation
costss of ownership costss of servicing
Council of Economic advisers count
counter counter action
counter claim counter plan
counter service counter value
counterbalancing factors counterfeit
counterfeit money counterpart contribution
counterpart funds countervailing
countervailing duty countervailing power of labour unions
counting counting house
counting house attitude countries
countries in arrears country
country of destination country of first asylum
country of origin country programming
country programming system court award
cover cover ratio
coverage coverage of commodities
craft craft unions
craftsman crash
creation creation of a document
creation of employment creation of SDRs
credit credit accommodation
credit accounting credit advice
credit agencies credit and debit
credit and deposit operations credit application
credit arrangements credit availability
credit balance credit bill
credit capacity credit control
credit cooperative (co-op)s credit curbs
credit default credit entry
credit facilities credit inflation
credit institutions (agencies) credit instrument
credit is called for ... credit item
credit limit credit line
credit needs credit on straight business terms
credit rating credit regulation
credit repayments credit restrictions
credit risk credit sale
credit servicing credit squeeze
credit standing credit to income
credit union credit worthiness
credit-worthiness creditor
creditor nation creditor-debitor position
critical sectors crop
crop contractual services crop failure
crop farms crop input and output standards
crop land crop materials
crop organization crop production
crop production technology and practice crop profits
crop services crop variations
crop year crop yields
crop-farming system crop-feeding
cropping cropping plan
cropping season cropping system
crops for sale and feed cross
cross elasticity cross licensing
cross relations of demand cross section
cross tabulation cross-classification of imports
cross-division cross-elasticity
cross-freights cross-hauling
cross-licensing cross-section data
crowding crowding out
crude crude birth (death) rate
crude data crude estimate
crude fertilizer crude sample
crunch cultivated crops
cultural lag cummulative sum
cumulated balance cumulating
cumulating gains cumulating loss of reserves
cumulation cumulative
cumulative arrears cumulative balance sheet
cumulative benefits cumulative depreciation
cumulative effect cumulative figures
cumulative series cumulative sum
curb currency
currency area currency areas
currency basket currency changes
currency clause currency depreciation
currency earning commodities currency in circulation
currency instability currency issue
currency market currency movements
currency portfolio currency realignment
currency shifts currency snake
currency speculation currency subscription
currency subscription (in IMF) currency swaps
current current account
current account balance current account deficit
current account positions current account surplus
current account transactions current assets
current assets(s)s current capital
current developments current expenditure
current flows current input-output coefficient
current inputs into production current liabilities
current output current output (production)
current price current prices
current quality current quota
current rate current ratio
current repairs current return
current statistics current statisticss
current surplus current transaction
current transfers current value
current values current weighting
curtail curtail expenses
curtail production curtailment
curve cushion
custodian custody
custom custom (house) broker
custom authorities custom build
custom clearance custom declaration
custom duty custom entry
custom house custom in trade
custom plants custom regulations
custom services custom shops
custom transit systems custom-made
customer customized
customs customs and administrative procedure
customs bond customs clearance
customs declaration customs duties
customs duty foregone customs entry
customs fees customs free
customs house customs house examination
customs union customs valuation
customs warehouse cut-throat competition
cybernetic cybernetic simulation
cybernetic simulator cybernetics
cycle cycle average
cycle stage cyclical
cyclical change cyclical changes in demand and supply
cyclical fluctuations cyclical influences
cyclical movements cyclical pattern
cyclical peak years cyclical phase
cyclical unemployment cyclical variations
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