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Англо-Русский словарь финансовых терминов
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object objection
objective objective factor
objective function obligate
obligation oblige
observed data obsolescence
obsolescence of capital obsolescent
obsolete obsolete equipment
occupation occupational
occupational breakdown by industry occupational classification
occupational data occupational disease
occupational families occupational level
occupational mobility occupational mortality
occupational mortality indices occupational rate
occupational safety occupational safety and health regulation
occupational structure occupations wage
ocean ocean born shipping
ocean economy ocean-borne shipping
ODA odd
odd come-short odd work
oddment OECD
of 1950 mint of the bond issue
off season off-
off-day off-farm income
off-farm paid work off-grade
off-hours job off-line equipment
off-quality off-season
off-shore off-shore dollars
off-shore drilling off-shore industries
off-shore oil off-shore oil deposits
off-shore oil drilling off-shore pipeline
off-shore rig off-shore strip
off-shore well off-take capacity
off-year offer
offer of appointment offered price
office office accommodation
office accommodations office and management personnel
office automation office building
office equipment office expenses
office facilities office holder
office hours office internal regulations
office keeper office machines
office man office manager
office number office regulations
office work official
official data official Development Assistance
official development assistance (ODA) Official Development Assistance lending
official exchange rate official quotation
official rate of pay official settlement balance
official trade policy official valuation
official value offset
offset to deficit oil
oil and gas conservation oil area
oil basis oil carrier
oil conservation oil countries
oil delivery oil deposits
oil embargo oil field
oil in bulk oil money
oil net exporters oil net importers
oil rights oil strike
oil supply oil tanker
oil-consuming nations oil-field development
old old age and survivors' insurance
old age pension old hand
old-established firm old-timer
omission on
on a competitive basis on a cost sharing basis
on a costsharing basis on a par
on a par with on a pilot basis
on a self-sustained budget on average
on board bill of lading on bonus
on call on cost
on demand on duty
on favourable terms on gross basis
on most favoured nation term on net basis
on offer on payment
on payroll account on product-to-~ basis
on record on sale
on shift on site
on somebody's (your) own account on straight business terms
on the house on the job training
on the record on наибольший favoured nation terms
on-year one-time goods
one-way classification OPEC
open open account
open business relations open competition
open credit open economic system
open economy open for general public
open interest open market
open market and foreign accounts open market operation
open pricing open rate
open shop open unemployment
open union open work
open-end open-end contract
open-end investment trust open-ended preferences
open-pit operations opening
opening assets(s) opening balance
operate operate a machine
operating operating accounts
operating agency operating capacities
operating capital operating cash on hand
operating cycle operating equipment
operating expenses operating expensess
operating method operating personnel
operating profit operating rate
operating ratio operating reserve
operating results operating revenue
operating statement operating surplus
operating time operating trouble
operation operation of premises
operation of regional economy operational
operational activitys for development operational capacityies
operational readiness operational research scientist
operational service operations analysis
operations of an international stock operations on current
operations research opinion of the Board of auditors
opportunity opportunity costs
optimal optimal earnings combination
optimal model optimal pattern
optimal patterns optimal resource allocation
optimal value optimality calculation
optimization optimizing model
optimum optimum allocation
optimum allocation of resources optimum production
optimum programming of resource use and industrial output optimum scale of production
optimum size of a plant option
optional optional equipment
optional programme optional sample
optional sampling order
order book order figures
order form order of business
order of magnitude order of magnitudes
order of values ordered data
orders for Japanese account orders in process
orders on hand ordinary shares
ordinary stock organic composition of capital
organization organization chart
organization charts organization expenses
organization for Economic Cooperation and Development organization of associated labour
organization of budgets organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries
Organization petroleum of Exporting Countries organizational balance
organizations of associated labour organize data
organized organized labour
organizing of production orientation programme
origin original
original budget original capital
original cost original estimates
original outlays original purchase price
original sources of data original subscribed capital
original value orphan's benefit
other accounts receivable and payable other temporary assistance
other transportation equipment industry out
out (ward)-migration out migration
out of balance out of bond
out of circulation assets out of date
out of order out of repair
out of stock out payments
out-of work out-of-pocket cost
out-of-repair out-of-stock
out-of-use out-of-work
out-payments outfit
outfitter outgoings
outlay outlay accounts
outlet outlook
output output data
output flows output per man
output per man-hour output standard
output value outside
outside market outside price
outsider outstanding
outstanding advances outstanding capital stock
outstanding claims and liabilities outstanding contributions
outstanding drawings outstanding economic problems
outstanding inventories outstanding securities
outstanding securitys outturn
outturn of the budget outward cargo
outward flow of capital outward-looking policy
outwork over abundant supply
over buy over sale
over the counter securities market over time distribution of the income
over-all agreement quotas over-all average growth target
over-capacityies (excess ~ies) over-pricing
over-the-counter market overall appropriation
overbalance overbuy
overbuying overdraft
overdraft facilities overdraft facilitys
overdue overdue bill
overdue credit overdue delivery
overdue payment overestimate
overestimation overextended
overextended enterprises overhang the market
overhaul overhauling
overhead overhead charges
overhead entitlement overhead expenses
overhead expensess overhead price
overhead staff overload
overload capacity overload post
overloading overprice
overpricing overproduction
overproduction crisis overrun
oversaving overseas investments
overstated inventory balances overstock
oversupply overtime
overtime comparison overtime differential
overtrading overturn
overvalued overvalued currency
overwork own
own account activities own account consumption
own resources own-account activitys
own-account construction own-account consumption
owner owner of a patent
owner-manager owner-occupied dwellings
owner-operated farm owneroccupied dwellings
ownership ownership with voting rights
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