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Англо-Русский словарь финансовых терминов
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gain gain sharing
gainful gainful employment
gainful occupation gainful workers
gainfully occupied population gainings
gains in the capital fund galloping inflation
gang gang boss
gang foreman ganged
gap gap in the balance
gap in the data garnishment
garnishment of wages gauge
gauged gauging
GDP general
general (operating) expensess general accountant
general accounting general administrative expensess
general agency general agent
general Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) general average
general business situation general cargo
general census of population general commission agent
general crop farm general crop farmer
general economic equilibrium general employment
general engineering general equilibrium
general equilibrium of labour market general estimate
general expenses general expenses items
general factor general farms
general foreman general fund
general government (in SNA) general government sector
general government service general labour
general layout general least cost substitution principle
general ledger general manager
general meeting general office
general overhaul general overhead
general price level general public services (in SNS)
general purpose computer general purpose type
general report general service department
general service posts general ship
general store general strike
general stuff general system theory
general temporary assistance general term(s)
general theory general totality
general unit of accounts general worker
general-overhead-type costss generalize
generalized financing agreements for stocks generalized preference system
generate generate employment
generateing in bulk generation
generation time geological examination
geometric geometric average
geometric average of prices geometric distribution
geometric mean gestation period
gift gift tax
gilt-edged securitys giveaway programmes
global global average target
global communication system global permit
global quota global quotas
global slump global total
glut glutted market
GNP go into black
go to money market for funds go under-
going going business
going concern going rate
going value going wage
gold gold backing
gold bullion clause gold clause
gold cover gold exchange monetary
gold exchange monetary system gold exchange standard
gold flows gold inflow
gold link gold parity
gold point gold points
gold pool gold reserve
gold reserves gold reserves drain
gold standard gold stock
gold substitutes gold tranche drawing rights
gold-bullion clause gold-exchange monetary system
gold-exchange standard gold-value clause
good good (risk) debtors
good bargain good delivery
good offices good ordinary brand
good title good will
goods goods carried
goods entering international trade goods entering world trade
goods in circulation goods in danger of being attached
goods in process goods in transit
governance governing
governing by objectives government
government activitys government assets(s)s abroad
government consumption government consumption expenditure (in SNA)
government debt government deficit
government employee government enterprise
government intervention government promotion
government receipts government receiptss
government regulation government securities
government services (in SNA) government spending
government take government workers
governmental non-interference with business grace
grace period grace period of a loan
grade grade of quality
grade testing graded
graded a tax grading
graduate graduate course an economics (mathematics)
graduate student graduated income tax
graduation graduation curve
graduation work grain
grain basis grain bill
grain equivalent grain exchange
grain in bulk grain pool
grain supply grant
grant a patent grant an allowance (discount)
grant credit grant delay
grant element grant element (in development assistance)
grant element in development assistance grant element of aid
grant-back provision grant-in-aid
granting state graph
graph of work graphic
graphic chart graphic model
graphic schedule gratis
gratuitous greenback
grey market greyhound system
grievance grievance committee
gross gross accumulation
gross additions to fixed capital gross amount
gross assets gross assets(s) formation
gross average hourly earnings gross balance
gross base salary scale gross coefficient
gross data gross domestic investment
gross domestic product gross domestic product (GDP)
gross domestic product at factor cost gross domestic product in purchasers' value (marketing value)
gross earnings gross error
gross export gross fixed capital
gross fixed capital formation gross industrial production
gross interest gross interregional money flows
gross investments gross liabilities
gross margin gross measure
gross national product gross national product (GNP)
gross national product deflator gross of ...
gross operating income gross output
gross private domestic investment gross proceeds
gross product gross profit
gross receipts gross remuneration
gross rent gross retention
gross return gross revenue
gross sales gross social product
gross value added gross weight
grossfixed capital formation ground rent
ground water exploration and development group
group A group B
group bonus wage plan group factor
group incentive group insurance
group medicine group of Ten (Paris Club)
group task rate group wage
grouping grouping criterion
grow growth
growth composition analysis growth curve
growth potential growth rate
growth recession growth stock
growth target growth target (rate)
growth theory guarantee
guarantee commitment guarantee fund
guarantee period guarantee test
guaranteed annual wage guaranteed credit
guaranteed farm prices guaranteed hourly rate
guaranteed royalty guaranteed royalty payment
guaranteed wage rate guarantor
guidance guide
guideline guiding price
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