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Англо-Русский словарь финансовых терминов
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table table column
table entry table line
table of interest table of rates
table of weights and measures table row
tabular tabular bookkeeping
tabular calculation tabular data
tabulate tabulateing card
tabulateing machine tabulating machine
tabulation tabulator
tag tailor-made manufacture
take take aboard
take over take over bid
take up take-home pay
take-in take-off
take-over bid taker
taking tangible
tangible assets tangible assets(s)s
tangible goods tangible net worth
tangible property tangible services
tangible wealth tangibles
tank vessel target
target dates target figure
target for voluntary contributions to the programme target for World Food Programme pledges
target rate target year
tariff tariff adjustments
tariff advantages tariff agreement
tariff category tariff escalation
tariff heading tariff preferences
tariff protection tariff quota list
tariff rank tariff rate of wage
tariff rate of wages tariff rebates
tariff scale tariff schedules
tariff system tariff union
tariff war tariff zone
task rate task setting
task work task worker
tax abatement tax accruals
tax assessment tax avoidance
tax base tax benefits
tax burden tax collection
tax concessions tax credit
tax credit certificate tax credit certificates
tax declaration tax deductable
tax deductions tax drawbacks
tax evasion tax excuse
tax exempt tax free interest on foreign loans
tax immunity tax incentives
tax liable tax qualification
tax rate tax refund
tax remissions tax return
tax revenue tax stimulus programme
tax subsidy tax value of property
tax-collector tax-haven arrangements
tax-holidays taxable year
taxed article taxing authority
technical advance technical adviser
technical assistance technical assistance activity
technical assistance component of the UNDP (United Nations Devel technical assistants
technical determinants technical economys
technical know-how technical knowledge
technical outfit technical services
technical skills technical specifications
technical staff techniques of estimateing the size of a market
technological advance technological capabilitys
technological improvements technological infrastructure
technological unemployment technology assessment
technology evaluation technology forecasting
technology intensive industry technology management
technology package technology planning
technology-intensive branchs temperate zone
temporary admission temporary assistance for meetings
tenant farmer tender invitation
tender price tenement house
tentative comparison term of delivery
term of office term of payment
term of protection of a patent terminal expensess
terminal receipt terminal wage
terms of delivery terms of financing
terms of office terms of payment
terms of settlement territorial-industrial complex
territoriality of patents test of non-obviousness of an invention
the aged the other shop
the rest of the world the right to terminate contract
the world total theoretical economics
theoretical economist third window
thousand-plus sized firms three digit industries
three-dimensional diagram threshold prices
thrift institutions thrift propensity
thrifty use through bill of lading
ticket reservation tie-in clause
tie-in sale tied aid
tied assistance tied credits
tied inputs tied loan
tied-purchasing arrangements tied-up assets(s)s
tight budget tight monetary policy
tight money tight rate
tillable land timber carrier
timber lands time bill
time budgets time deposit
time discount time discounting
time flows time lag
time limitation clause time of recording
time rate time series
time wage time-bound programme
time-shared computer time-sharing system
timing for producing and marketing crops timing of depreciation
timing, duration and amplitude of cycles TIR carnet
to be biased by interest to draw on reserves
to report data to report statistics
token contribution token payment
token provisions tolerance limit
tool shop department tooling service
top executives top management
top overhaul total amount
total assets(s)s total awards
total borrowing total budget
total capacityies total capital
total consumption total demand
total drawings total energy
total established posts by location total flows
total gross output total inflow on current account
total labour force total money provision
total net provisions total output
total performance of an economy total product
total productivity of factors total quality control
total sum tract of land
tradable goods trade agreement
trade and transport margin trade area
trade association trade balance
trade discount trade dispute
trade estimates trade figures
trade flows trade intensity of a country
trade mark trade price
trade profit trade promotion office
trade restrictions trade stock
trade surplus trade testing service
trade union trade year
trade-curbing practicies trade-weighted
trade-weighted exchange rate trading companys
trading house trading in actuals
traffic capacity trained labour
trained manpower trained staff
training and production facilitys training grant
transaction prices transactions cash balances
transfer accounting transfer credits between sections of the budget
transfer of personnel transfer of real resources
transfer payments transfer prices
transfer pricing transfer sale
transfer valuation transferable account
transferable deposits transformation coefficient
transient customers transit storage
transitional adjustment transmission of cyclical impulses
transnational corporation transnational merger
transport links and other communications infrastructure transport order
transport outlays transport rates
travel and transportation expensess travel funds
travel grant travel of staff
travel on appointment treasure notes
treasury currency treasury stocks
treatment of depreciation treatment of economic activity
treatment of foreign investment treatment of rent
trend adjusted index trend analysis
trial balance trial calculation
trial-and error method trigger price
trough-to-trough cycles truck shipments
trucking order true value
trust fund turn-key contract
turn-key project turning points of a cycle
turnkey contract turnover of inventory
turnover of staff turnover of staff deduction
turnover ratio two digit industries
two(three)-fold breakdown two-tiered economy
tying of development assistance type of farms
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