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Англо-Русский словарь финансовых терминов
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wage wage and salary structure
wage arbitration wage bill
wage category wage control
wage costs wage determination
wage differentials wage earner
wage employment wage equation
wage escalation clause wage expenditure
wage freeze wage incentive
wage incentive plan wage index
wage lag wage paid
wage pressure wage rates
wage scale wage settlement
wage sheet wage system
wage tax wage unit
wage work wage-cut
wage-labour wage-slavery
wage-work wage-worker
wages and hours legislation wages and salaries
wages in kind wages scale
waiver waiver clause
waiver of obligations waiver of prohibitions
waiver of right waiver of right...
want want of goods
want of money want of stock
want satisfaction wants and needs of the consumer
war economy ware
warehouse warehouse bond
warehouse capacity warehouse dues
warehouse keeper warehouse man
warehouseing warrant
warranted growth warranted rate of growth
warrantor warranty
wastage waste
waste assets waste coefficient
waste money waste of capital
waste of labour waste of material
waste products waste utilization
wasted capacity wasteful
wasteful resource allocation water resources development
water shipments way-bill
weak market wealth
wear wear and tear
weighing coefficient weight
weight base weighted arithmetic average
weighted average weighted basket
weighted by regional composition of export and import weighted distribution
weighted mean weighted price index
weighted price number weighted sampling
weighting methods weights and measures
welfare welfare benefits
welfare compensation welfare economics
welfare function welfare payments
welfare services welfare state
well assorted stock well-capitalized
Western industrial economys WFC
WFP white collar employees
white-collar employees white-collar workers
wholesale wholesale and export houses
wholesale business wholesale house
wholesale margin wholesale market
wholesale price wholesale prices
wholesale store wholesale trade
wholesaler wholly
wholly fully owned subsidiary wholly manufactured goods
wholly owned subsidiary wholly unemployed
wide-collar productivity widening gap between the developed and the developing countries
wild-cat strike windfall profits
winding-up window
window dressing window shopping
withdraw withdraw a credit
withdraw an order withdraw deposits
withdraw from circulation withdrawal
withdrawal benefit withdrawal of capital
withdrawals of gold withdrawn funds
withhold withholding taxes
work work accidents
work activitys work allocation
work by the day work by the piece
work collective work for hire
work for line work force
work in process work in progress
work intensity work load
work measurement work on loan
work overtime work schedule
work standardization work station
work study work study man
work task work ticket
worker worker's council
worker's crew worker's gang
worker's self-management worker's suggestions
worker's team workers on shot time
workers placement workers profit sharing
workers self- management working
working ability working agreement
working assets(s)s working capacity
working capital working capital (cash, notes and accounts receivable,
working conditions working costs
working cycle working expenditures
working hours working load
working losses working method
working of a patent working order
working period working place
working population working security
working shift working standard
working year workman's compensation
works demand note works fund
works manager world
World bank world commerce
world economic outlook world economic situation
world economic survey world economy
world Food Council world Food Programme
world food security world food situation
world food stocks world market
world market prices world market rates
world monetary situation world payment situation
world prices world production
world trade world trade equilibrium
world-wide novelty worth
worthiness write-off
write-off bad debts write-off for tear and wear
write-off ten-off value written down costs
written off costs written off value
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