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Англо-Русский словарь финансовых терминов
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rack racket
racketeer radio service
rail rail consignement note
rail consignment note rail shipments
railways freight traffic raise
raise a claim raise a loan
raise charity raise funds
raise money raise money on something
raise takes raise taxes
raise to a power rally
random random distribution
random error random experiment
random numbers random sample
random sampling random sampling error
random value random variable
range range of deviation
range of error range of patterns
range of stability range of variation
range of yield fluctuations rank
ranked data ranking
rate rate at the close of the day
rate cutting rate discrimination
rate of accumulation rate of capacityies utilization
rate of capital formation rate of change
rate of consumption rate of delivery
rate of delivery of a program rate of depreciation
rate of discount rate of discounting
rate of dividend on shares rate of effective protection
rate of exchange rate of growth
rate of interest rate of investment
rate of issue rate of loading
rate of pay rate of profit
rate of protection rate of replacement
rate of return rate of return on assets(s)s
rate of return on stock-holders equity rate of salary
rate of saving rate of tariff
rate of turnover rate of turnover of inventory
rate of unemployment rate scale
rate setting rate slashing
rate war rate-slashing
rated rated capacity
rated power rated value
rates of assessment rates of charges
rates of investment rates of wages
rating ratio
ratio of capital replacement ratio of capital to labour
ratio of capital to output ratio of corporate liquidity
ratio of current assets to current liabilities ratio of fixed assets to net worth
ratio of labour to output ratio of margin to sales
ratio of net profits to net worth ratio of plant to net worth
ratio of profit to sales ratio of reserves to liabilities
rational use rationing
rationing arrangements ratios of capital costss
raw raw cotton
raw data raw materials
raw produce raw products
raw rice raw sugar
reach ceiling reading
ready ready cash
ready made ready money
real real accumulation
real assets(s)s real balance
real estate real estate bank
real estate loan real estate mortgage
real estate tax real estate trusts
real goods real income movement of remuneration
real investment real property
real resources real retail sale
real retail sales real saving
real-estate market real-time computer
realignment realistic plan
realization realization of goods
realize rebate
receipient receipient country
receipient of technology receipt
receipt book receipts
receipts and expenses receipts from and payments on investment
receipts from custom duties taxes and other protective measures receipts of factors of production
receipts tax receiptss and expenses
receiptss from custom duties taxes and other protective measures receiptss of factors of production
receiptss tax receivable
receivable-payable basis of accounting receivables
receive goods into custody receiver
receiver of technology receiving
receiving act receiving state
recession recession in demand
recessionary recessionary tendencies
recipient countries reciprocal
reciprocal clause reciprocal concessions
reciprocal contract reciprocal credit lines
reciprocal principle reciprocal privileges
reciprocal provision reciprocal trade agreement
reciprocal value reclaim
reclaim capital goods reclaim land
reclamation reclamation of barren
reclamation of barren land reclamation of land
reclassifications of posts recompense
reconcile reconcile accounts
reconcile classifications reconcile total inflow and total outflow
reconciliation reconciliation of totals
reconstruction record
recorded data recorded output
recorded unemployment records management
recover recover damages
recover debts recovery
recovery of damages recovery phase in the cycle
recreation services recreational facility
recurrent recurrent expenses
recurring recurring costs
recurring costss recurring debt
recycle recycling
recycling crisis recycling of oil revenues
recycling of petrodollars recycling of wastes
recycling of wasts red
red ink red meat consumption
redeem redeem a debt
redeem the currency in gold redemption
redemption date redemption of debt
redemption price redemption value
redeployment of staff reduced price
reducing balance reducing balance depreciation
reduction coefficient reduction in staff
redundant equipment refered liabilities
reference reference book
reference cycle reference data
reference date reference language
reference performance reference period
reference posted price reference price
reference providing information system reference retrieval
reference standard reference year
reference-providing information system refinance
refinancing refinancing of past debts
reflationary measures reflationary policy
refugee capital refund
refund department refund the excess amounts paid
refunding issues of securities refunding issues of securitys
refuse any credits regional and subregional advisory services
regional duty equalization regional interests
regional pattern regional premium rate
regional premium rates register
register of properties register of propertys
register of shareholders register office
register ton registered (authorized) capital
registered capital registered mail
registered securitys registered trade mark
registered unemployment registration
registration fee registration fee of a patent
registration is required at establishment registry
regression regression analysis
regression by semilogarithmic trends regression equation
regressive regressive levys
regressive tax regular budget assessments
regular establishment regular labour
regular labourer regular lending programmes
regulation regulatory agencys
rehabilitate rehabilitation
reimburse reimbursement
reimbursement of expenses reimbursement of national income taxation
reimbursement of overhead costs reinvest
reinvestment reinvestment allowance
reinvestment allowances reinvestment of profits
reject reject a bid
reject a claim reject goods
rejected goods rejection
rejects relation
relative relative amount of costs
relative costs relative efficiency
relative error relative indicators
relative prices relative share
releasable debt reliability
reliability of estimates reliability of statistical data
reliable data reliable figures
relief relief cat
relief from fine relief fund
relief works relieve
remain remain flat
remain on hand remainder
remaining life of equipment remission
remission of a claim remission of taxes
remittance remittance of royalties
remittance of royalty remittance schedule
remittance shedule remittances for payments of profit of private foreign investment
remote control remove an attachment
remunerate remuneration
remuneration assets remuneration for over-time and for work on Sundays and public ho
remuneration of collective farm members remuneration of labour
remunerative remunerative business
remunerative price remunerative work
render an account against renegotiation of debt
renew renewable
renewal renewal fee of a patent
renewal schemes rent
rent control rent strike
rent-free rental
rental agency rental rate
rental rates rental value
rental value of owner-occupied dwellings rented farm
rented land renter
rentier reopen exchange market
reorganized budget statements repair
repair a damage repair a loss
repair and maintenance repair bill
repair depot repair parts
repair shop repairing shop
reparation reparation of loss
repatriate repatriate dividends
repatriate profit repatriated bond
repatriated bonds repatriation
repatriation of capital repatriation of foreign investment
repatriation of profit repatriation of profits
repatriation rights repay
repayable repayment
repayment in kind repayment in product
repayment of debt repeal
repeal of a patent repeated unemployment
replace replaceable
replacement replacement cost method of depreciation
replacement cost of capital replacement cost of equipment
replacement costs replacement cycles
replacement funds replacement investment
replacement of capital items replacement of losses
replacement parts replacement reserve
replenish replenish the stock
replenishment replenishment of stock
report report of the board
report on budgetary situation report on the account
reported data reporting
reporting form reporting period
reporting system reporting unit
reporting year repossess
representative data representative sample
reproduce reproducible assets(s)s
reproductible reproduction
reproduction costss of in-session documentation reproduction process
reproduction rate repudiation
repudiation of a contract repudiation of a debt
request request for payment
request for respite requirement
requirements of the market requisite
requisite capital requisition
resale resale price
research research and development (R & D)
research grant research project
research-intensive products reservation
reservation of a right reservation of profits
reserve reserve allocations
reserve balance reserve balances
reserve capacity reserve capacityies
reserve capital reserve currency
reserve for bad debt reserve for debt redemption
reserve for depreciation reserve for doubtful accounts
reserve for extensions reserve fund
reserve fund investments reserve funds
reserve holdings reserve positions in IMF
reserve price reserve ratio
reserve stocks reserve title to the goods in the seller
reserves for taxes residence
resident resident abroad
resident alien resident company
resident population residential
residential building residential construction
residential land residential quarters
residential rental residual demand
resource resource allocation
resource development resource endowment
resource industry resource poor country
resource use patterns resources derived from the sea
resources endow respite
respite days respondent
rest of rest of the world account
rest of the world commodity account restitution
restriction restrictive
restrictive business practices restrictive clause
restrictive condition restrictive exemption clause
restrictive marketing arrangements restrictive monetary policy
restrictive trade practices restructure
restructuring resulting flows
resulting salary scales retail
retail business retail charges
retail goods retail margin
retail market retail price
retail sale retail sales
retail store retail trade
retail trade system retail trade turnover
retailing retailing charges
retailing costss per unit of sales retailor
retain retained earnings
retained import retained net profit
retainer retaining fee
retaliation retention
retire retire a bill
retirement retirement allowance
retirement benefit retirement of assets
retirement of assets(s)s retirement of bonds
retirement of securities retirement of securitys
retirement pay retirement pension
retraining retraining grants
retraining of workers retrenchment
retrospective balance return
return cargo return fare
return on equities return on equitys
return to the factor returns to factors of production
revaluation revaluation of assets(s)
revalue revalue of assets
revenue revenue account
revenue bonds revenue curve
revenue duty revenue officer
revenue stamp revenue tariff
reverse reverse engineering
reverse preferences reverse transfer of technology
reversion reversion of rights
reversion of rights to... revised scales of salaries
revocation revocation of a licence
revocation of a license revocation of a patent
revocation of investment permits revolving
revolving capital revolving credit
revolving fund reward
rice, rough basis right
right the balance of payment rights under guarantee
rigidity in prices rising (falling) business activity
risk risk capital
risk manager risks of investment
rival rival firm
rival supply roll
roll over a debt rolling adjustment
rolling capital rolling over of a debt
rolling plan rolling stock
rough rough balance
rough design rough estimate
rough shaping rough work
roughly comparable rounding error
rounding of data routine
routine duty routine maintenance
routine management routine of work
routine order routine practice
routine work royalty
rule ruleing price
rules of origin ruling price
run run a business
run business run idle
run of items run of the market
run on a bank run on coffee
run on costs run on rubber
run-on-costss runaway corporations
runaway inflation running
running account running expenses
running expensess running inventory
running maintenance running practice
running repairs rural electric cooperative (co-op)
rural population rural-urban movement
rush season  
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