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Англо-Русский словарь финансовых терминов
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pace of economic recovery package
package contract package deal
package input package licensing
package technology package trip
packaged goods packaged transfer
packaged transfer of technology packageing (industry)
packageing of foreign technology packet deal
packing packing house
packing instructions packing plant
paid paid farm labourer
paid leave paid up capital
paid vacation paid vocation
pallet palletd goods
panel paper
paper circulation paper currency
paper profit paper standard
par par collection of bank checks
par of exchange par value
par value rates par-value system
parent parent application for a patent
parent bank parent company
parent firm parity
parity index parity prices
parity rate part
part and parcel part payment
part performance part time
part time farmer part time workers
part-owner part-owner farmer
part-time director part-time employment
part-time farmer part-time workers
partial disability partial turnkey contract
participation participation of labour in government
participation ratio in the labour force partner
partnership partnership agreement
party party at fault
party not at fault pass
pass rising costs to the consumer passage of goods
passive passive balance
past due bills past labour
past sunk costss patent
patent agreement patent annuity
patent application patent bank
patent control patent cross-licensing
patent document patent family
patent fee patent holder
patent law patent license
patent license convention patent life
patent mis- use doctrine patent misuse doctrine
patent of confirmation patent of importation
patent of invention patent of revalidation
patent office patent pool
patent protection patent register
patent rights patent-holder
patentability patented technology
patentee patrimonial
patrimonial estate patrimony
patrimony national pattern
pattern of consumption pattern of crops
pattern of demand pattern of distribution
pattern of markets pattern of trade
pattern of voting rights in IMF pattern recognition
patterns for seasonal variations patterns of financial relation ships
pawn pawn broker
pawn shop pay
pay allowance pay back
pay back period pay by installments
pay by instalment pay by the day
pay by the piece pay by the week of labour
pay day pay in cash
pay in full pay in kind
pay list pay load
pay master pay off
pay office pay-off period
pay-roll payable
payable contributions payable in advance
payable in arrear payback period
payee paying
paying capacity paying concern
paying off payment
payment advice payment advise
payment agreement payment buy in installments
payment by result payment by the piece
payment forward payment in anticipation
payment in cash payment in full
payment of language bonus payment of travel
payment operations payment should be made on ... failing of which ...
payment towards local operating costs payment transactions
payments and collections payments equilibrium
payments pattern on contributions to the regular budget payments position of a country
payments problems payments to other members of the Secretariat for official hospit
payroll payroll flows
payroll period payroll sheet
payroll tax payroll transactions
peak peak cycle
peak load peak of a cycle
peak output peak performance
peak-to peak cycles pecuniary
pecuniary accumulation pecuniary accumulations
pecuniary affairs pecuniary capital
pecuniary compensation pecuniary institutions
pecuniary loss pecuniary nature of capital
pecuniary payment peddler
peg peg exchange rate
peg exchange rates to ... peg the market
pegged exchange rates pegged price
penalization penalize
penalty penalty clause
penalty or discounts for failing to meet contract provisions pending receipt of contributions assessed and voluntary
penetrate penetrate the market
penetration penetration price
penetration pricing pension
pension fund pension fund investment is managed by the union
pension-able salary pension-able scale
pensionable remuneration pensionable salary
pensionable scales per
per annum per capita
per capita consumption per capita estimates
per capita personal consumption per capital ceiling principle
per day per diem expenses
per diem expensess per head
per hour output per mile
per-annum earnings percentage
percentage allocation percentage contribution of a state
percentage points percental
percenter perfect
perfect competition perfect elasticity
perfect elasticity of substitution perfect market
perfect substitutes performance
performance balance performance efficiency
performance measurement system performance of a contract
performance of investment performance of the economy
performance per day performance rate
performance rating performance standard
performance test performance testing
performance-rating period
period contract period of average duration
period of duty period of grace
period of priority of patents periodic benefits in payment
perishable perishable freight
perishable goods perishable traffic
perishibles permanent appointment
permissible land densitys permit
perpetual perpetual annuities
perpetual annuitys perpetual inventory
perpetual inventory system perpetual liabilities
perquisite person
personal personal account
personal allowance personal and repair services
personal assets(s)s personal consumption
personal consumption fund personal finance companies
personal finance company personal income tax
personal incomes personal loan
personal manager personal property
personal reference personal saving
personal savings personal tax
personnel personnel administration
personnel arrangements personnel audit
personnel inventory personnel management
personnel manager personnel men
personnel organization persons of professional occupations
persons on payroll pertinent data
petro- petro-chemicals
petro-chemistry petro-currency
petro-dollars petroleum
petroleum based feedstock petroleum proceeds
petroleum refinery petty cash
phase phase in development
phase of cycle contraction phase of cycle expansion
phase of recovery in the cycle phase-out
phasing-in Phillips curve
physical physical assets(s)s
physical capital physical capital goods
physical costs physical data
physical depreciation physical efficiency
physical exports physical facilities
physical gold stock physical imports
physical inventory physical life
physical measures physical output
physical person picketing
piece piece goods
piece of equipment piece of gold
piece of money piece of silver
piece of work piece rate
piece rate system piece wage
piece work piece worker
piece-meal distribution piece-of
piecework earnings pig crop
pilot pilot area
pilot lot pilot plant
pilot project pilot survey
pioneer pioneer activities
pioneer status pioneer statute
pioneering place
place a loan place an issue
place an order place business
place of delivery place of payment
place of residence place something in safe custody
place valuables in safe custody placement
placement firm placement of funds
placement of securities placement of securitys
placement service placing
plan plan balance
plan fulfilment plan revision
planned planned capacity
planned costs planned damages
planned economy planned figures
planned maintenance planned obsolescence
planned performances planned price
planned protection planned return
planned value planning
planning agencies planning ahead
planning and design organizations planning estimates
planning offices planning output
planning period planning standards
planning system planning-programming-budgeting system
plant plant and equipment
plant capacity plant content
plant content of fertilizers plant cost
plant location plant management
plant manager plant overhead
plant overhead costss plant protection
plant replacement plant stock
plant superintendent plant transportation
planted acreage pledge
pledge Conference pledge liabilities
pledged contributions pledged securitys
pledgeed contributions pledgeed securities
pledgeing target plentiful jobs
plow plow back
plowing back pluralism
plurality plurality of professions
point point of delivery
point of destination policy
policy makers policy measures
policy of economy policy-making authorities
policy-making organs policy-mix
poll poll tax
pollution abatement pool
pool of foreign exchange pooling of resources
poor poor efficiency
poor harvest poor housing
poor land poor management
poor performance poor supply
poorsupply population
population activities population changes
population flow population machine
population mobility population of analysis
population of business concerns population of machines
population on welfare population pressure
population programmes population projections
population statistic population statistics
population survey population training center
port port charges
port facilities port facilitys
port handling port of call
port receipt port receipts
portfolio portfolio debt
portfolio investment portfolio manager
position positive value
positively associated with ... possess
possession post
post adjustment post adjustment payments
post adjustment schedule post adjustment system
post adjustments post expiration effects of a patent
post plan post-closing trial balance
post-expiration effects of a patent postal services
posted price posts subject to geographical distribution
pot of loading potential
potential buyer potential contributor
potential demand potential earnings
potential goods potential market
power power available
power capacityies power consumption
power equipment power factor
power generateing capacity power generation
power grid power industrys
power of attorney power of work
power operated power plant
power supply service power unit
power-weight ratio PPB
PR PR man
practical know-how of modern industry practice
practiced practitioner
pre- pre-fabricated houses (buildings)
pre-investment activities pre-paid expense
pre-payment predictive model
prefabricate prefabricated
prefabricated building preference
preference debentures preference list
preference margin preference scale
preference schemes preference shares
preference stocks preference treatment
preferential preferential bond
preferential claim preferential debentures
preferential duties preferential list
preferential margin of a duty preferential margin of duty
preferential margins preferential rate
preferential scale of assessments preferential schemes
preferential shares preferential stocks
preferential trade arrangements preferential transportation
preferential treatment prefinished products
preinvestment study preliminary data
preliminary examination of patents premises
premium premium collection
premium on rates premium on specie
premium rate premium system
prepackage prepackaged goods
prepaid expensess prescribe expenditure
present goods present level of desaggregation
present the accounts pressing
pressing in need pressing order
pressing payments pressure
pressure for money pressure of taxation
pressure on the market prestanombres
prevailing prevailing price
prevailing rates prevailing rates of exchange
prevailing rates of wages prevailing wage rates
prevention prevention of accidents
preventive preventive maintenance
preventive maintenance overhaul preventive officer
preventive repair price
price abatement price adjustments
price behavior price behaviour
price c. i. f. New York quotation price c.i.f. New-York quotation
price cartel price ceiling
price changes price competition
price control price current
price cutting price deflator
price deflators price deflators of output
price determination price differentials
price discrimination price elasticity
price elasticity of demand price equilibrium
price ex dock price ex quay
price ex ship price ex warehouse
price ex works price ex-quay
price fixing price fluctuation
price formation price free on rail
price in dollars price index
price index series price leader
price leadership price leading
price list price maintenance
price maker price movement
price of labour price oneself out of the market
price per unit price plateau
price preference list price range
price ring price scissors
price setter price slashing
price spread price stabilization
price support price system
price tag price underpinning
price variation price war
prices for transport prices of factors of production
pricing pricing policy
primary primary accounting
primary activity primary commodities
primary commodity(ies)s primary deposits
primary energy market primary exporting countries
primary goods primary incomes
primary inputs primary liability
primary market primary metals
primary mineral product primary money
primary movers primary need
primary needs primary power
primary processing primary producer
primary producers primary producing countries
primary production primary recording
primary resources primary unit of classification
prime prime cost
prime costs prime factor
prime goods prime military contract award
prime movers prime movers in economic development
prime rate prime rates
primitive accumulation primitive economy
principal principal and interest
principal controller principal earner
principal level of the General Service category principal of bulking
principal office principal place of business
principal sum principal works
principals of the contract principle
principle and interest principle of comparative advantage
principle of least work principle of material incentive
principle of national treatment principle of relief for low per capita income countries
principle place of business principles of non-reciprocity and preferential treatment
prior prior claim
prior deposit prior state of art
prior use of a patent priority
priority date priority development
priority incentives priority list
priority period of a patent priority period of ~ of patents
priority rating priority right
priority sectors priority share
private private (close) company
private (personal) consumption private accounting
private acquisition private back-log of demand
private backlog demand private commercial and financial account
private concern private consumption
private debt private demand
private domestic investment private donations
private enterprise private enterprise economy
private house private household
private industry private interests
private investment private investments
private necessities private non-profit bodies
private non-profit institution sector private pension payment
private pension payments private property
private remittances private saving
private savings private sector
private sector of the economy privilege
privilege price privileged share
pro memoria items pro rata
pro rata share of the assessed contributions pro-rate
probability probability sampling
probability theory probation
probation period probation rate
probationary appointment probationary rate
problem problem of comparability
problem of motives procedure
procedure for payment procedure for payments
procedures of tax administration proceeding
proceeds proceeds from loans
proceeds from the dissolution of a company process
process costs process engineer
process engineering process industries
process patent process technology
process time processed goods
processed information processing
processing costs differentials processing firms
processing method processing of buy-products
processing sectors processing stage
processing tax processor
procure procurement
procurement agency procurement of import requirements
produce produce exchange
produce market producer
producer and consumer industrys producer prices
producer's durable equipment producer's goods
producer's goods industries producers associations
producers cooperative (co-op) producers' association
producers' co-operative organization producers' demand
producers' goods producers' prices
producers' value product
product account product adaptation
product coverage product cycle model
product development product differentiation
product diversification product flows
product liability award product lines
product management product markets
product mix product or income yielding activitys
product patent product standards
production production accounts (for individual industries)
production activity production at full capacity
production balance production bonus
production capabilitys production capacity
production cartel production costs
production credit production cycle
production department production design
production engineer production engineering
production expenses production function
production index production line
production load production objective
production of goods production on the line
production outlays production process
production quotas production rate
production schedules production services
production space production specifications
production stage production standard
production stocks production target
production test production unit
production workers productive
productive efficiency productive equipment
productive facilitys productive forces
productive services productivity
productivity measurement productivity measures
productivity wage profession
professional professional accountant
professional and scientific equipment (industry) professional association
professional associations professional classes
professional duties professional employee
professional managers professional selection
professional skill professional-man director
profit profit accumulation
profit after tax profit and loss account
profit and loss statement profit expectations
profit margin profit maximization
profit maximizing price profit motives
profit on proprietorship profit on sales
profit opportunity profit opportunitys
profit ratio profit sharing
profit taking profit tax
profit-and-loss statement profitable
profitable investment profiteer
program budget program budgeting
program of anti-cyclical public works programmatic
programmatic requirement programme
programme of events programmer
programming programming period
programming technique progress
progress payments progress report
progressive progressive average
progressive divestment progressive tax
progressive tax penalization progressive taxation
progressive wages prohibited
prohibited duty prohibited imports
prohibition prohibitive
prohibitive price prohibitive tariffs
prohibitive trade restrictions project
project financing project specification
project specifications projected export
projected import projected income
projected national product projection
projection by extrapolation projection model
projection of historical trends projection, planning and budgeting system (PPB)
prolongation promissory note
promote promoter
promotion promotion expenses
promotion money promotion of investment
prop prop up
propensity propensity to consume
propensity to invest propensity to save
propensity to spend proper land use
property property acquisition tax
property and enterpreneural income property and entrepreneurial income
property development property holdings
property management property qualification
property services property tax
proprietary proprietary class
proprietary goods proprietary hospital
proprietary interest proprietary process technology
proprietor proprietors and firm members
proprietorship prospect
prosperity protected advantages
protection protection and reconstition of natural resources
protectionism protective
protective effect protective import barriers
protective legislation for minors proved mineral reserves
provide provide estimates for the following requirements
provident fund provident society
provider provision
provisional provisional data
provisional job provisional posts
provisions drawback provisions for depreciation
provisions under sections ... proxy
proxy index public
public accommodations public accountability
public administration public administrators
public assistants public bonds
public company public consumption
public consumption sector public corporations
public credit organizations public debt
public demand public domain
public employment public enterprise
public expenditure public facilities
public finance public funds
public health public houses
public housing public investment
public revenue public revenues
public sale public sector
public sector of the economy public servant
public services public stock
public store public subsidy
public transfer of technology public utilities
public utility enterprises public warehouse
public welfare expenditures public work
public works publicity and education measures
publicly held company publishing house
pump-priming punch-card
punched-card purchase
purchase contracts purchase money
purchase option purchase order
purchase tax purchased inputs
purchased power purchasedepartment
purchaser purchaser of technology
purchasers' value purchases of goods and services
purchases on current and capital account purchasing
purchasing agent purchasing budget
purchasing cooperative (co-op) purchasing licensee
purchasing option purchasing power
purchasing power of money purchasing prices
purchasing-power parities purchasing-power paritys
pure competition pure economics
pure licence contract pure license contract
put a person to expensess put under a ban
put up in bales put-up construction
put-up demand  
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