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Англо-Русский словарь финансовых терминов
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I owe you I. O. Y.
ideal value identical
identifiable identifiable system
identification identification mark
identification of foreign capital identify
identify and measure determinants identity
identity card identity papers
idle idle balances
idle capacity idle capacitying
idle capital idle factories
idle hours idle land
idle machinery idle manpower and capacity
idle money idle overhead
idle people idle the market is ~
idle time IFC
illegal illegal strike
illicit illicit trade
ILO im balance
imbalance imbalance in the structure of trade and services
imbalance in trade IMF Oil facility
immediate immediate consumables
immediate family immediate information
immediate measures immediate payment
immediate possession immediate-action
immigrant immigrant remittance
immovable immovable property
immovables immunity
imperfect imperfect competition
imperfect entry imperfect market
imperfection implement
implements of production implicit
implicit confidence implicit costs
implicit rent implicit wage
implicit-cost elements implicitly
import import and capital outflow controls
import balance of trade import c. i. f.
import capacity import control
import curbs import demand
import deposit import deposit scheme
import duty import duty drawbacks
import elasticity import expenditures
import for consumption import industries
import license import permits
import protection import quota
import quota system import relief action
import requirements import restrictions
import sensitive articles import substitution
import substitution enterprises import substitution industries
import surplus importation
imported inflation imports quantum
impose a fine imprest
imprest account imprest accounts
improve improved
improved land improved technique
improvement improvement factor
improvement program impulse
impulse buying impulse goods
imputation imputed
imputed factor incomes imputed interest
imputed rent imputed rent of owner-occupied dwellings
imputed salaries in (ward)-migration
in and out costss in bond
in bulk in coal equivalent
in constant dollars (francs) in current dollars
in earnest in machine readable form
in milk equivalent in monetary terms
in money terms (in current prices) in oil equivalent
in order to meet the expenditures in physical term
in price responses in purchasers' value
in purchasers' value in SNA in quantitative terms
in stock in the lump
in working order in-bond processing industrys
in-clearing bill in-depth studys
in-service training inability to borrow
inactive inactive market
inactive securities inactive securitys stocks
inactivity inadequacy
inadequate inborn abilitys
incapacitated incapacitated persons
incapacity incapacity allowance
incapacity for work incentive
incentive earnings incentive payments
incentive scheme incentive system
incentive taxation incentives scheme
incidence incidence contract
incidence of disease incidental contract
incidental costss incidental expensess
income disparity income elasticity of demand
income elasticity of trade income flow
income retention income velocity
incometax rebate increase in size of organization by combination
increase in stocks increasing return to scale
incremental capital/output ratio incur debts
incur expensess incur losses
incurrence of liabilities indecisive pattern
indefinite appointment indemnification fund
independent business unit independent union
independent variable index construction
index number index of degree of concentration
index of diversification index problem
index weights indicative forecast
indicative planning indicative planning figures
indicative price indifference curve
indirect costss indirect demand
indirect expensess indirect labour
individual awards individual commodity flows
individual commodity(ies) organizations (bodies) individual demands
individual elasticity individual estimates
individual saving indoor relief
indorse induced investment
inducement report industrial activity
industrial attachment industrial breakdown
industrial capacityies industrial classification
industrial composition industrial coverage
industrial crops industrial design
industrial designs industrial dispute
industrial diversification industrial equity
industrial estates industrial field advisers
industrial injury benefit industrial injurys
Industrial Labour organization industrial licensing
industrial location industrial migration
industrial organization industrial production decelerated in 1975
industrial property industrial relations
industrial site industrial statistics
industrial stock industrial un- rest
industrial users industrial-commercial-residential land use
industry industry equilibrium
ineffective inefficiency
inefficient inefficient labour
inelastic demand infant
infant industry infant mortality
inferior foods inferior goods
infinitesimal businesss inflation
inflation expectations inflation gap
inflation of output prices inflation rate
inflation-adjusted inflationary
inflationary gap inflationary movements
inflationary pressure inflationary pressures
inflationary spiral inflow
inflow of capital inflow of commodities
inform informal
information information base
information block information desk
information explosion information gain
information handling information lags
information office information recording
information system information volume
informative infrastructure
inherent inherit
inheritance inheritance tax
initial initial an agreement
initial base year initial cost
initial data initial depreciation allowances
initial expenses initial fee
initial fee for patents initial instalment
initial investment initial outlay
initial price initials
initiation initiation fee
initiative injury
injury prevention innovating
innovating financing innovation
innovation groups innovator
input input coefficient matrix
input coefficients input data
input distribution input factor
input factors input good
input information input item
input mix input prices
input requirements input services
input structure input-output analysis
input-output balance input-output coefficient
input-output computation input-output data
input-output estimate input-output method
input-output module input-output projections
input-output table input-output tables
inside director insolvency
insolvent inspection of goods
install installation
installation contract installation grant
installation work installed capacity
installment payments instalment
instalment credit instalment interest
instalment of levy instalment plan
instalment sales instalments of principle of bonds
institute institution
institutional institutional approach
institutional constraints institutional factors
institutional household institutional investors
institutional lender institutional population
institutional rigidities institutional shareholders
institutions of local government instrument
instrumental instruments of credit
insurance insurance benefit
insurance broker insurance claims
insurance clerk insurance company
insurance for property damage insurance liability
insurance of public liability insurance policy
insurance premium insurance rates
insurance service charges insured
insurer intangible
intangible assets intangible assets(s)s
integer integer programming
integrate integrated
integrated automation integrated data
integrated development integrated farms
integrated intermodel transport system integrated national economic accounts
integrated plant integrated programme on commodities
integrated rural development integrated tax system
integration integrator
integrity intensity
intensive intensive cooperation
intensive crop intensive development
intensive economic development intensive factors
inter inter-cancel period
inter-industry relations inter-office vouchers
inter-regional comparison interaction
interbank credits interchangeability
interchangeable interchangeable parts
intercompany intercompany valuation
interconnected activitys interdepartmental
interdependence interdependence of economys
interdisciplinary problem interest
interest basket interest bearing
interest bonus interest charge
interest costs interest date
interest earnings interest equalization fund
interest free loan interest in business
interest on arrears interest on loan capital
interest on unpaid balance interest paying bonds
interest rate interest-bearing transaction balance
interest-free deposit interim dividend
interim salary adjustment interindustry relationship
interlocking directorate interlocking directors
intermaintenance period intermediate
intermediate commodity(ies) intermediate consumption
intermediate credit intermediate demand
intermediate goods intermediate party
intermediate payments intermediate product
intermediate products intermediate stock
intermediate technology intermediate trade
intermediate transactions intermediate uses
intermediates intermediation
internal internal accounting
internal balance internal cyclical mechanism
internal economies internal economys
internal economys of a plant internal financing
internal fund internal improvement
internal liquidity internal loan
internal maintenance internal revenue
internal trade international
international accounts international assets
international assets(s) International bank for Reconstruction and Development
international bid international carriage of dangerous goods
international civil servant international civil service
international code(s) of conduct for transnational corporation international commerce
international commercial arbitration international commodity agreements
international commodity arrangements international commodity markets
international commodity(ies) agreements international company (corporation)
international comparative studies international contract practices in industry
international corporation international corporation (company)
International crop Institute international currency unit
international denominator international Development Association
International Development Strategy target, 1971-1980 international economic disintegration
international economic relations international economics
international engagement international entity
international Finance Corporation international financial statistics
international institutions international investments
International Labour office international labour standards
international liquidity international market
international markets prices international migration (of capital and labour)
international monetary arrangements international Monetary Fund
International Monetary fund IMF International monetary Fund-IMF
international monetary system international money order
international Patent Classification International Patent classification (IPC)
international patent system international payments
international pool of grain international recruitment of staff
international reserves international river basin development
international sale of goods international sales of goods
international settlements international sharing
international Standard Classification of Occupations International Standard classification of Occupations (ISCO)
International Standard Classification of occupations ISCO international Standard Industrial Classification
International Standard Industrial classification (of all Economi international standards in basic industrial statistics
international statistical comparisons international stocks
international tourism market international trade
international trade fair international travel and tourism
international unit of currency International Wheat agreement
interoffice vouchers interplant co-operation
interpret data interregional
interregional balance interregional trade multiplier
intersectoral balance intervening years
intervention intervention currency
intervention measure intervention point
intervention price interventionism
interview interviewed
interviewee interviewer
intra intra-company loans
intra-departmental intraaccount transaction
intracompany loans intractable problem
intraindustry transactions intraregional co-operation
invalid invalidity
invention inventor
inventor balance inventor's certificate
inventors certificate inventory
inventory accumulation inventory accumulations
inventory adjustment inventory beginning
inventory book inventory boom
inventory control inventory cycles
inventory investment inventory management
inventory pressure inventory rebuilding
inventory recession inventory stockpiling
inventory turnover inventory valuation
inventory valuation adjustments inventorys of goods in process
inventorys valuation inverse
inverse correlation inverse function
inverse ratio inversely
invest invest capital in an undertaking
invest down-stream in the petroleum industry invested capital
investment investment activities
investment allowance investment allowances
investment appraisal investment bank
investment boom investment budget
investment building investment business
investment company investment concessions
investment credit investment demand
investment disputes investment feasibility studies
investment feasibility study investment feasibility studys
investment fund investment goods
investment in development funds investment in equities
investment in equitys investment in people
investment incentives investment income
investment inducement investment instrument
investment instruments investment lag
investment management companies investment management organizations
investment of capital investment opportunities
investment pattern investment permit
investment policy investment portfolio
investment process investment program
investment programme investment programming
investment project investment recession
investment regulations investment service
investment services investment spending
investment starts investment statistics
investment trust investment vehicle
investor investor assets under managements of institutional ~s
investor borrowers invisible
invisible balance invisible export
invisible import invisible income
invitation invite
invite bid invite subscription for a loan
invite tenders invoice
invoice cost invoice price
invoice production invoicing
involuntary unemployment inward cargo
inward investment inward-looking policy
irredeemable irredeemable bank-notes
irredeemable bonds irredeemable debt
irredeemable paper ISIC
issue issue a draft
issue banks issue houses
issue of SDRs issue of securitys
issue order issued capital
issued value item
item of information itemize
itemized itemized expenses
itemized list items of mass consumption
items on the credit side itinerant
itinerant worker itinerary
itinerary list  
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