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label labor
labour labour agreement
labour coefficient labour conditions
labour consultants labour consuming
labour contract labour cost saving
labour costs labour discipline
labour dispute labour efficiency
labour exchange labour expenditure
labour expense labour force
labour force balance labour force movements
labour grade labour inputs
labour intensive labour issue
labour law labour laws
labour legislation labour length of services
labour management relations labour market
labour matters labour migration
labour mobility labour occupational safety
labour organizations labour outlays
labour productivity labour protection
labour rate setting labour rating
labour relations labour requirements
labour saving labour saving machinery
labour saving technological progress labour scarcity
labour services labour situation
labour skill labour specialists
labour spy labour statistics
labour supply labour theory of value
labour turnover labour turnover rate
labour unit cost labour-saving capital
labour-saving processed foods labourer
lack of comparability lack of coordination
lading lag
lag behind lag coefficient
lag of expenditures behind receipts lagged
lagged variables lagging
lagging population lags and lead
lags in income lags in the flow of goods
laid delivery laid-up ship
laissez-fair-laissez-passer land
land and soil classification and rating system land and soil inventory and evaluation
land cadastre land capability
land capability classification system land classes
land developer land development
land development costs land economies
land evaluation land grant
land grant colleges land improvement
land in production land inputs
land investment land nationalization
land price land productivity
land rent prices prevailing in the market place land rentals
land resources by use and grade land suited for cultivation
land tenure land under cultivation
land use land use patterns
land user land uses
land value land with a long farming history
land-grant colleges land-output ratio
land-use systems landed
landed aristocracy landed capital
landing policy landlord
language allowance lapse
lapse of an offer lapse of patent
large capital equipment large-scale
large-scale dismissal large-scale equipment
large-scale industry large-scale investments
large-scale map large-scale programmes
large-scale project large-scale social programme
large-scale-production larger contributors
last price last-hired - first-fired marginal workers
last-in-first-out accounting (LIFO) last-in-first-out system
lateral lateral discharge
latest reading lattice sampling
law law clerk
law enforcement law firm
law merchant law of contracts
law of demand and supply law of diminishing marginal utility
law of downward-sloping demand law of property
law of the sea law-merchant
lay lay out
lay up a vessel lay-off
laying off laying off of work
laying out layoffs
layout layout of a district
layout of equipment layout of work
lead lead time
lead-time in investment leader
leader hand leader personnel
leader suppliers leading personnel
leading price lease
lease holding leased land
leased property leasehold
leasehold deed leaseholder
leaser leasing
leasing arrangement leasing fees
leasing operations leasing system
least costs least costs equilibrium
least costs through factor substitution least-cost output
leave leave of absence
leave office leave without pay
ledger legal
legal adviser legal and natural persons
legal constitution of the company legal entity
legal expenses legal person
legal reserve legal statistics
legal structure legal tender
legally binding legally imposed construction standards
legitimate legitimate demands
legitimate heir lend
lend lease lend long
lend money lend on goods
lend-lease lend-lease settlement
lender lender of capital
lending lending agency
lending institution lending institutions
lending limits length
length of life length of life of assets(s)s
length of service lessee
lessor let
letter letter of attorney
letter of consent letter of credit
letter of guarantee letter of indemnity
letter patent level
level of activity level of aggregation
level of assessment level of business activity
level of consumer income level of establishment
level of living level of remuneration
level of the budget level of the requirements
level of the working capital fund level the land
leveled land levy
levy subsidy scheme liabilities
liabilities-to-net-worth-ratio liability
liability for damage liability for loss or damage
liability of indemnity liability reserve
liable liberal licensing
LIBOR library
library for damage licence fee
licence holder license
license agreement license fee
license holder license of right
licensed auditor licensed capacity
licensee licensing
licensing agreement licensing company
licensing of trade marks licensor
life life annuity
life assurance company life expectancy
life expectancy a business life insurance
life insurance annuity life interest
life long life of assets
life of assets(s) life of machine
life table life table of physical equipment
life table of physical property life tables of physical equipment
life tables of physical property life test
life time life-insurance assets(s)
light weight materials limit
limit of accuracy limit of age
limit of error limitation
limitation of action limited
limited clauses limited liability company
limited line store limiting clause
line line balance
line balancing line control
line diagram line holder
line of business line of credit
line of goods line of industry
line of profession linear
linear extrapolation linear functions
linear model linear programming
linear rate depreciation linear system of management
linked demand linking
linking method liquid
liquid assets liquid assets(s)
liquid capital liquidate
liquidated damages liquidation
liquidation business liquidation of debts
liquidation of the business liquidity
liquidity creation liquidity crises
liquidity needs liquidity policy
liquidity position liquidity preference
liquidity ratio list
list of casualties list price
list prices listed securities
live capital live weight
live weight basis livestock number
living living space
living wage load
load in bulk loaded deadweight ... ton
loading loading capacity
loading order loan
loan at short notice loan business
loan capital (loan stock, debentures) loan contract
loan debentures loan in default
loan in savings associations loan interest
loan interest rate loan market
loan participation loan policy
loan prolongation loan servicing
loan shark loan society
loan stock loans in default
loans raised upon bonds local
local (national) commodity(ies)s local accounts
local authorities local borrowing ceiling
local equity local equity participation
local government local industrial union
local industry local investment
local labour local level salarys
local market local materials
local participation local posts
local potentialities local raw material
local requirements local reserves
local union locality
localization localization economys
locally locally incorporated enterprise
locally incorporated into price locally recruited staff
locally taxable income location
location analysis location of production
location of the investment location theory
locational decision making lock in cash
loco price logistic
logistic curve logistical
logistical problems logistical support
logistics long
long gestation enterprises long life
long shore men long Tonne
long-run social needs long-term
long-term asset long-term forecasting
long-term forecasts long-term investment decisions
long-term planning long-term programme
long-term projection long-term projections
long-term rate long-term recruitment planning
long-term suppliers' credits long-term trend
long-term unemployment longer construction cycles
loose loose plan
loose standard lop-sided development
lop-sided distribution Lorenz curve
lose loss
loss accounting loss and gain account
losses and gains in exchange losses and production
losses on exchange lot
lot production low of diminishing returns
low-pressure economy low-waste
lower wants of man lower-valued crops
luck of job security lucrative
lucre lump
lump gold lump of money
lump sum lump sum amounts
lump sum subsidy lump sum tax
lump together all expenses lumpsum award
luxury luxury tax
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