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Англо-Русский словарь финансовых терминов
A B C D E F J H I j K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z
sack safe
safe customer safe investment
safe land use safeguard
safeguard clause safeguard goods attached
safeguard local industries against outside competition safeguard measure
safeguard principle safeguard provision
safety safety arrangement
safety coefficient safety engineering
safety factor safety margin
safety specifications salaried
salaried employee salaried employees
salaried man salaried managers
salaried officers salaried servant
salaried staff salaries accounting
salary salary and wages of locally recruited staff
salary earners salary increments
salary level salary rates
salary scale salary scales and allowances
salary scales andallowances salary workers
salarys accounting salarys of international staff
sale sale branch
sale by commission sale for cash
sale on credit sale on the job lot basis
sale price saleable
saleable articles saleable obligations
saleex-factory sales account
sales agent sales cartel
sales contract sales cost
sales force sales forecast
sales manager sales outlets
sales pressure sales promotion
sales representative sales tax
sales value salvage
salvage value sample
sample area sample census
sample coefficient sample data
sample design sample method
sample size sample survey
sample unit sampling
sampling average sampling error
sampling method sampling ratio
sampling unit satisfy
satisfy a claim satisfy an agreement
satisfy an obligation satisfy demand
saturation point save
save expenditures saving
saving account saving and loans association
saving bank saving bonds
saving clause saving deposits
saving energy savings account
savings bank savings deposit
savings institutions scale
scale down scale economy
scale economys scale effect
scale of assessments scale of assessments for the apportionment of the expenses of th
scale of assessments for the financial years... scale of charges
scale of investment scale of living
scale of operation scale of wages
scale up scant
scant demand scant means
scant supply scanty supply
scarce scarce goods
scarce inputs scarce raw materials
scarcity scarcity of money
scarcity of supplies scarcity of supplys
scarcity price scarcity value
scatter scattered consumer
scattered consumption scenario
schedule schedule items
schedule maintenance schedule of post adjustments
schedule work scheduling
scheme scheme of preferences
school year scientific advances
scientific adviser scientific and technical achievements
scientific community scientific management
scope scope for investment
scope of activity scope of an inquiry
scrap scraping
screening screening procedure
screening procedures SDR
SDR denominated SDRs 3 million
sea-borne shipping search
search file search file of patents
search report search report patents
season season fluctuations
season index season trade
season unemployment season variation
seasonal analysis seasonal fluctuations
seasonal labour seasonal unemployment
seasonal variations seasonal, cyclical and trend price movement
seasonally adjusted seasonally adjusted data
seasonly adjusted seat
seat of activity seat of business
seat of the company second
second-best second-hand
second-rate secondary
secondary activity secondary Eurocurrency market
secondary liquidity secondary market
secondary production secondary products
secondary strike secondhand durabless
secondment sector
sector analysis sectoral interests
sectoral investments sectoral planning
sectorial rates of growth sectorial studys
secular movement secular stagnation
secure secure an order
secure foreign currency secure profits
secureed loan Securities and exchange Commission SEC
securities holdings securities market
security security broker
security capital security interest
security of tenure security portfolio
securitys analyst securitys and Exchange Commission
securitys broker securitys holdings
securitys sales securitys yield
seed capital seed capital loans
self assessment tax system self-
self- acting self- adjusting
self- balancing self- cancelling item
self- consumption self- contained
self- correction of exchange rate self- cost price
self- employed farmers self- employed owners of business
self- employed professionals self- financing enterprises
self- financing organizations self- liquidating
self- management self- reliance
self- returning deposits self- service
self- service store self- sufficient
self- sufficient farming self- sufficient nation
self- sufficient region self- supporting population
self- supporting unit self- sustained growth
self-assessment tax system self-canceling item
self-cancelling item self-correction of exchange rates
self-cost price self-costss
self-employed self-enumeration
self-financing enterprises self-financing organization
self-generating business cycles self-help principle
self-liquidateing loan self-liquidateing purchases
self-liquidating loan self-liquidating purchases
self-made entrepreneur self-management
self-regulating equilibrium self-returning deposit
self-sufficient farms self-supporting unit
self-sustained economy self-sustained growth
sell sell a bill of goods
sell at a cost price sell at a discount
sell at a loss sell at a premium
sell below cost sell hard
sell readily sell retail
sell short for future delivery seller
seller's market sellers' market
sellers' prices selling
selling an administrative expensess selling arrangements
selling cost price selling costs
selling costs per unit selling outlays
selling price selling rate
selling value semi-
semi- annual semi- automatic drawing rights
semi- finished goods semi- finished products
semi- manufactured goods semi- products
semi- sensitive imports semi- skilled
semi-automatic drawing rights semi-durable goods
semi-sensitive import semi-sensitive list
semi-skilled labour semiluxuries
semiskilled workers senior
senior partner senior stock
seniority seniority pay
seniority rights sensitive
sensitive goods sensitive imports
sensitive list sensitivity
sensitivity analysis sensitivity test
separation separation pay
separation payment sequestration
serial serial number
serial production series
servant service
service ability of product service benefit
service charges service conditions
service data service department
service equipment service exports
service fees service imports
service industry service industrys
service instruction service labour force
service life service manual
service mark service pension
service shop service speed
service staff service station
serviceability serviceability of goods
serviceable serviceable life
serviceing staff services of land
services prices services provided by improvements
services to visitors servicetrades
servicing servicing facilities
servicing of debt principal and interest set
set -up set back
set of activities set of activitys
set of coefficients set of preferences
set up an account sets of data
setting setting in motion
setting up new industrial capacities setting up of buffer stocks within the framework of commodity ar
settle settle a claim
settle a debt settle a difference
settle an account settle compensation by ...
settle compensation by law settle dispute
settlement settlement account
settlement department settlement house
settlement of a debt settlement of an account
settlement price settlement rate
settlement terms Seven Sisters
severance severance compensation pay
severe severe competition
severe loss sextile
shadow shadow capacityies
shadow prices shady
shady deal share
share capital share cropper
share holder share holders meeting
share holders' interest share in a business
share in the profit share index
share market share of stock
share warrant shareholders interest
shares subscribed... sharing
sheet sheltered market
shift shift boss
shift engineer shift index
shift man shift master
shift task shift work
shifting investment pattern shifting of man power
shifts of commodity flows ship
ship of 1000 tons burden shipment
shipper shipping
shipping advice shipping agency
shipping company shipping conference
shipping costs shipping day
shipping documents shipping instructions
shipping line shipping lines
shipping order shipping season
shipping ton shock work
shop shop around
shop chairman shop committee
shop cost shop manager
shop office shop overhead
shop ping center shop ping hours
shop ping list shop price
shop steward shop training
shop transportation shop work
shop-keeper shop-mark
shore short
short allowance short cut
short cut method short date
short hand short interest
short interest rate short life
short loan short run production
short ton short-handed
short-run analysis short-run cyclical swings
short-term (foreign) funds short-term and long-term capital movements
short-term appointment short-term assets(s)s
short-term credit short-term debt
short-term deficit short-term forecasting
short-term forecasts short-term projection
short-term rates short-time employment
shortage shortcomings
shortfall shortfall in wheat production
shortterm capital advances to the rest of the world shot-term rates
shutdown sick
sick leave sick list statistics
sick-benefit sick-leave
sick-list sick-list statistics
sick-pay sick-voucher
sickness sickness benefit
sickness insurance side-line
side-line-production sight liabilities
simple simple analytical developments
simple arbitration simple correlation
simple interest simple quantity
simple regression simple reproduction
simple sample simplex
simplex method simulation
simulation model simulator
single single action
single control single cost
single digit inflation single fare
single part production single rate
single resource countries single sampling
single standard single system
single tax single unit enterprise
single-child plants single-entry book-keeping
single-payment loans single-plant firm
single-use goods sink
sink a debt sink in price
sink into poverty sinking
sinking fund site
situation situs
situs problem size distribution of enterprises
size distribution of firms size of establishment
size of the economy size of the market
skew distribution skill
skill differential skill formation
skill mix of the labour force skill requirements
skill-intensive products skilled
skilled labour skilled trade
skilled worker slack
slack capacityies use slack demand
slack economy slack period
slacken slackening in the rate of economic growth
slackness slackness of business
slashing sliding
sliding scale sliding scale prices
sliding scale tariff sliding-scale prices
slow slow assets
slow down slow down strike
slowing down slowness of business
sluice-gate price slump
slump in demand slump in price
slump inflation small
small business small demand
small entrepreneur small grains
small industry small maintenance
small match production small-scale industry
small-scale production smaller contributors
Smithsonian Smithsonian rate structure
Smithsonian realignment smuggle
smuggler SNA
snake social
social actions social assistance
social assistance grants social benefits
social consumption social consumption funds
social contributions social cost
social differentiation social escalator
social facilitys social funds for consumption
social hygiene social insurance
social investment social legislation
social mobility social opportunity cost of labour
social opportunity value social overhead capital
social owner-ship social property
social ranking social relations
social security social security benefits
social security payments social security system
social services social set-up
social statistics social status
social time discounts social wants
social wealth social welfare
social welfare measures social welfare policy
social-accounting methods socialist
socialist community socialist economy
socialist emulation socialist integration
socialist market socialist organisation
socialist planning socialist relations
socialist way of life socialized
society soft
soft business conditions soft credits
soft currency soft demand
soft lending soft loan
soft money soft technology
soft terms soft window
soft-ware soft-ware cost
softness sole
sole agency sole corporation
sole licence sole license
sole owner sole proprietorship
sole representative sole right
solvency solvent
sound budget procedure sound investments
soundness of a loan source of supply
sources and uses of funds sources of data
sourcing space
space heating space location
space planning span of mortgage
spare spare capacityies
spare capital spare no expense
spare parts spare the time
sparing spatial
spatial distribution of economic activity spatial flows of commodities and population
spatial juxtaposition economys spatial location
spatial planning spatial relations
spatial spread spatial unit
special Special drawing rights
special duty special facility to extend credits and subsidize interest charge
special financial appropriation special planning
special purpose programme special temporary assistance credit
special transit dues specialisation
specialisation in production specialist managers
speciality crops specialized agencys
specialized crops specie
specie payment specie point
specific specific capacity
specific loss specific output
specific weight specification
specification limit specification of quality
specifications performance specified farm expenditures
speculation speculative
speculative gains speculative production
speed speed up
speed-up system spend
spending spending pattern
spending unit spendt time
sphere spin-off
spin-off firm spiralling costss
spiralling price spirit of enterprise
sponsor spouse allowance
spreading out of investment projects square root mean
squeeze SSDS
stabilization stabilization fund
stabilize stabilizer
stable consumer wants staff
staff department staff manager
staff of the Secretariat staff reduction
staff requirements staffing
staffing requirements stage of expansion
stages of economic growth stagflation
stagnant economy stagnation
stagnation of business stagnation of economy
stamp stamp paper
stamp tax stand-by
stand-by arrangement stand-by arrangements
stand-by charges stand-by credit
stand-by equipment stand-steel provision
stand-still clause stand-still principle
standard standard accounting practices
standard accounts standard apportionment technique
standard articles standard contract
standard cost standard costing practice
standard costss standard error
standard foods standard International Trade Classification
Standard International Trade classification (SITC) Standard international Trade Classification SITC
standard measure standard methods
standard necessaries of life standard necessities of life
standard of living standard of price
standard of well-being standard output
standard practice standard procedure
standard residential population standard stock
standard time standardize
standardized budget of production and earnings standardized coefficient rate
standardized commodity(ies) standardized consumption pattern
standardized system of national accounts standards of accommodation for official travel of UN staff by ai
standards of consumption standards of guidance
standards of management standards of planning
standards of safety in the transportation of goods standby capacityies
standby credit standing
standing body standing committee
standing invitation standing order
standing price standing time
standstill standstill clause
standstill principle standstill provision
staple staple crops
staple diet staple exports
staple food staple prices
start start up
starting starting expenses
starting period starting price
starting rate starting wage
state state enterprise
state farms state monetary and fiscal measures
state of the art state of the market
state procurement state-owned enterprises
stated stated dividends
stated office hours stated salary
statement statement analysis
statement of account statement of charges
statement of costs statement of equipment
statement of financial implications statement of requirements
statement of requirements by department and office static circular flow model
static model statistical
statistical abstract statistical agency
statistical analysis statistical appraisal
statistical authorities statistical compilations
statistical discrepancys statistical economist
statistical facilities statistical facility
statistical framework statistical handbook
statistical knowledge statistical measures
statistical population statistical predicate
statistical probability statistical problem
statistical processing statistical sampling
statistical series statistical survey
statistical treatment statistical un- certainty
statistical uncertainty statistical unit
statistical weight statistics
status status goods
status of the account statute
statute of association statute of limination
statute roll statute-roll
statutory statutory depreciation charges
statutory law statutory obligations
statutory requirements steady development
sterilization of preferences sterling area
stock stock accounting
stock bill stock broker
stock company stock exchange
stock holder stock in treasury
stock insurance company stock investment
stock issue stock level
stock market stock market performance
stock model stock movements
stock of capital stock of capital goods
stock of money stock of orders
stock of un- finished investment undertakings stock of unfinished investment undertakings
stock option stock piling
stock price stock promotion
stock record stock remainder
stock status report stock subscription right
stock turnover stock-holder's equity
stock-intake ratio stock-taking
stocking arrangements stocks of assets(s)s
stocks of input stocks of inputs
stocks of outputs stop
stop delivery stop-gap credit
stoppage storable commodity(ies)
storage storage capacity
storage charges storage costs
storage facilities storage facilitys
storage fee storage goods
storage on hand storage service of enterprise
storage transport store
store house store keeper
store of value store room
store unit stored accumulated error
stored error stores requisition
straight straight bill of lading
straight line straight line depreciation
straight loan straight piece rate
straight piece wage straight-line method of depreciation
straight-time rate straining of capacityies
strains stratified sampling
strike structural
structural adjustment structural changes
structural comparison structural concentration
structural designer structural engineering
structural industries structural industrys
structural sectors structural transformation
structural unemployment structure
study sub-
sub-company sub-contracting
sub-let sub-licence
sub-license subcontracting
submission of returns subrogation of rights
subscription subscription of stock
subsets of accounts subsidiary
subsidiary company subsidiary earnings
subsidiary farming subsidiary individual holdings
subsidiary industry subsidiary ledger
subsidiary legal entity subsidiary money
subsidiary plants subsidiary production
subsidiary shop subsidise
subsidized exports subsidy
subsidy account subsidy for interest on borrowed funds
subsistence subsistence agriculture
subsistence allowance subsistence consumption
subsistence economy subsistence farmer
subsistence farming subsistence farms
subsistence level subsistence minimum wage
subsistence output subsistence production
substandard substantive staff
substitute substitute goods
substituted data substitution
substitution account substitution effect
substitution of foreign goods for domestic substitution rate
substitutions among inputs sufficient disclosure
sufficient disclosure of invention sum
summary summary book-keeping
summary data summary standards
summary table summary-standards
sunk costss superannuate
superannuation superannuation fund
superannuation pension superintend
superintendence superintendent
supermarket supernumerary
supervise supervision
supervisor supervisory
supervisory board supervisory control
supervisory training supplement
supplementary supplier
supplier of technology supplies of the capital
supply supply a demand
supply a need supply a want
supply agencies supply agreement
supply and disappearance of grain supply and disappearance of...
supply and disposition of goods and services supply bottleneck
supply constraint supply constraints
supply curve supply depot
supply fixity of land supply function
supply of money supply price
supply statistics supply-demand situation
supply-side assumption supply-side economics
supply-sider support
support of price support price
supported by charity supported price
supported rate supporting data
supreme economic authority surcharge
surplus surplus account
surplus capacityies surplus commodities
surplus countries surplus earnings
surplus economy surplus fund
surplus funds surplus labour
surplus on current transaction surplus on current transactions
surplus population surplus produce
surplus profit surplus value
surrender the balance of appropriations surtax
survey survey design
survey of current business surveyor
surveys of the salary rates survivor benefit
survivors pension suspend
suspend an account suspension
suspension of business suspension of convertibility
suspension of the gold standard sustain
sustain a loss sustain able
sustain employment sustain growth
sustained benefits sustained expansion
sustained growth sustained growth of the world economy
swap swap credits
swaps sweat
sweat-shop sweated labour
sweatee sweater
swing swing credit
swing the market switch
switch dealer switch over
switchings of jobs syndicate
syndicate a loan syndicated loan
synoptic tables synthetic accounting
system system designer
system of adjustments to benefits in payment system of economic equilibrium
System of national Accounts System of National accounts (SNA)
system of notation system of private enterprise
System of Social Demographic statistics system of Social-Demographic Statistics
system specific technology system-to-system comparison
systematic systematic error
systems approach systems designer
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